Key Comic Thursday: Catwoman’s Solo Strut, Mandalorian’s Menace, and More!

Here are our RANDOM Key Comic Thursday picks! As always, click on ANY image or RED/HIGHLIGHTED link to purchase/bid directly from eBay.

Batman #332 (1981). First solo Catwoman story. Step aside, Batman, because Catwoman is taking the spotlight in this Batman issue. This purr-fect issue marks her first solo story. Watch as she claws her way through Gotham, proving that you don’t need a Batmobile to be cool – just nine lives and a whip! The Mandalorian #7 (2023). Moff Gideon first comic appearance. In this comic, Moff Gideon strides in, cape billowing, ready to shake things up. If you thought the Mandalorian had enough problems, think again. Gideon’s here to add ‘mystery villain with a dramatic flair’ to Mando’s list of ‘why did I get out of bed today?’ Daredevil Annual (1989): First appearance of Serpent God! Daredevil’s 1989 Annual introduces the Serpent God, because what’s a superhero story without a mythical deity to complicate things? This isn’t just any old Tuesday in Hell’s Kitchen; it’s a ‘why is there a god in my city?’ kind of day for our favorite blind lawyer. Green Lantern #87 (1971). First appearance of Jon Stewart + more. Jon Stewart debuts, adding a much-needed fresh face to the Green Lantern Corps. Oh, and Guy Gardner shows up again (2nd appearance) – because one Lantern in a comic is never enough. It’s like a green light bulb sale at the cosmic hardware store! Fantastic Four #11 (1998). Ayesha’s first appearance. Finally but not least, penned by the legendary Chris Claremont, introducing Ayesha. She’s not your average neighbor popping by for sugar; she’s more ‘I’ve got cosmic powers, and I’m not afraid to use them.’ The Fantastic Four really have their hands full this time!

Join us next week for more capes, cosmic dilemmas, and the kind of drama only comic books can deliver.











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