Key Comic Thursday: Discovering the Gems Of Yesteryear

Our new WEEKLY post begins today! Key Comic Thursday!
Here are our RANDOM Key Comic Thursday picks! As always, click on ANY image or RED/HIGHLIGHTED link to purchase/bid directly from eBay.

Daredevil #11 (2016); First appearance of Muse. Ah, Daredevil #11, where the art world meets the fist world. Muse makes his grand debut, and let’s just say he’s not exactly Picasso. He’s more of a ‘paint the town red’ in a very literal, Daredevil-irritating way. Art critics and vigilantes, beware! Wonder Woman Black and Gold #6 (2021); First appearance of Berchta. Here comes Berchta in Wonder Woman Black and Gold #6, because what’s a comic without a new character popping up like an uninvited guest to the party? Berchta, probably named after someone’s eccentric aunt, decides it’s her time to shine, or at least glimmer vaguely, in Diana’s world. Fantastic Four #25 (1964); Hulk vs. The Thing. In this corner, weighing a literal ton, the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing! And in the other, the green rage machine, the Hulk! Watch as they engage in the ultimate rock-em-sock-em battle in Fantastic Four #25. It’s like watching two oversized action figures being smashed together by an overzealous kid. Spoiler: No buildings were left standing. Kamandi #1 (1972); First appearance and origin from Jack Kirby. Kamandi #1, where Jack Kirby asks, ‘What if Planet of the Apes had a baby with every post-apocalyptic story ever?’ Enter Kamandi, the last boy on ‘Earth A.D.’ It’s like your regular coming-of-age story but with more fur and fangs. Move over, Tarzan, there’s a new king of the wildly improbable jungle! Green Lantern #50 (1967); First appearance of Thraxon. In Green Lantern #50, we meet Thraxon. Nope, not a new cleaning product, but a character who probably wishes he had a catchier name. He zaps into existence, does his villain thing, and tries to make life hard for Green Lantern. It’s a classic ‘green with envy’ scenario, but with more space opera flair.











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