Kick-Ass Disappoints at the Box Office

The month old cartoon How to Train Your Dragon beat Kick-Ass’s opening weekend with just $20 million.

Kick-Ass, with an R rating and unusual premise, was never going to be a blockbuster. However, Lionsgate executives were surely counting on the movie to do better than $19 million in its opening weekend. Looks like that wasn’t the case though, as that’s exactly what the movie did, coming in second place to How to Train Your Dragon, which has been in theaters for four weekends already.

Kick-Ass only cost about $28 million to make, so it will definitely turn a profit. Still, the opening weekend is lower than projected, probably due to a combination of factors, like lack of star power, an R rating, and even an inability to show off the true feel of the movie in non-R-rated trailers.

Source: Cinemablend
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Posted originally: 2010-04-19 10:06:22

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