Kicking Off 2024: The Top 5 New Comics That Are Shaping the Year

As we step into 2024, the comic book world doesn’t hesitate to dazzle us with some hot issues. Let’s dive into the top 5 comics that are setting the tone for 2024.
First up is “Kid Venom Origins #1“. This isn’t just another comic off the shelf; it’s a crafty mix of reprints and new content. Think of it as the same delicious pie, but with a few surprising extras baked in. The real cherry on top? A glimpse into the future of Kid Venom, brought to life by the talented Taigami. While some may see it as a clever ploy to reel in collectors, a first appearance featured here is something you wouldn’t want to miss.
Next, we have “Ranger Academy #4“. We’ve been rooting for this series since its inception, yet it seems to be simmering under the radar. The concept is golden – a Power Rangers academy shaping the heroes of tomorrow. This issue brings us a secret spoiler variant cover with a green Ranger, hinting at the origin story of these iconic characters. The potential for this series to explode into mainstream media is immense – think movies, TV shows, the works. We’re sticking to our guns on this one.
Then there’s “Star Wars Darth Vader #42“, offering a special treat with a first appearance. This time, it’s a character we’ve seen in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” – Enric Pryde. His comic debut is set to add more depth to the already rich Star Wars universe. More details in our Hot Pick Spotlight this week right HERE.
Miguel O’Hara Spider-Man 2099 #1” makes a mark as well. It’s not just any issue; it introduces Marvel Zombie 2099. And let’s talk about that homage cover by David Yardin. While we’re all for artistic expression, maybe Wolverine needs a break from the cheese.
Last but not least (in no order here), “Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #1” rolls out yet another Moon Knight series. This time, Jed McKay and Alessandro Cappuccio take the reins. Keep an eye out for a potential first appearance that could shake up the Moon Knight universe.

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