Lawsuit for Diamond Distributors?

Rumor has it that comic book shops may be teaming up to sue the crap out of comic distributor Diamond this October.

Rich Johnston reports over at Bleeding Cool on a mysterious website: . Olive Branch, of course, is the name of the massive, six-hundred-thousand-square-foot Diamond Comic Distributors Inc. distribution center created last year to replace three older centers in Memphis. This distribution center handles half of Diamond’s entire distribution operation, and has a reputation for being problematic for shops who like to recieve the proper merchandise at scheduled times.

Well, comic shops may soon be fighting back, as Comix Revolution of Illinois has apparently registered the website, and though the site now simply reads "coming soon," Johnston’s sources say that the site originally  asked for Shop names, Diamond customer numbers, and a description of problems. It seems that comic shops may be gearing up for a class action lawsuit against Diamond. What this could do to the comic book distribution monopoly, which my sources say is hurting as badly as many small comic shops in this economy, remains to be seen, but Johnston reports that we can expect some answers in October.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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Posted originally: 2009-09-05 09:55:27

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