‘Lights Out’ Continues in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #24

Last week, DC Comics gave you your first look at “Lights Out” – this October’s epic crossover event that will change the Green Lantern universe forever.

“It’s not that he is just a bad person who wants to kill and destroy. He has a true purpose that he’s working for, and that purpose just happens to put him at odds with the Green Lanterns,”GREEN LANTERN CORPS writer Van Jensen recently said about the villainous mastermind, Relic.

As for the impact of “Lights Out”?It’s a crossover that’s “a completely redefining story,” Jensen continued. “It totally changes the paradigm of what the Green Lanterns are all about.”

Attached for inclusion in your coverage, please find a series of Bernard Chang’s interior art for GREEN LANTERN CORPS #24, the second chapter of “Lights Out,” which lands in stores onOctober 9. For more information, please visit DC Comics’ official press blog.











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