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John Arcudi and Eric Canete on New Avengers: Luke Cage. Sweet Christmas!

Brian Michael Bendis has made Luke Cage one of the most prominent characters in the Marvel Universe, but he still hasn’t had his own solo title, but now he’s getting his own 4-issue mini, New Avengers: Luke Cage, by John Arcudi and Eric Canete.

In an interview with Newsarama , Arcudi discusses the series:

I love Luke Cage, but I was not familiar with what he’s been up to the
last couple of years, so Tom Brennan had to catch me up with some
copies of New Avengers. It was nice to see that Luke was still very
much the character he had been, but in a new setting, and with a new
family. The family thing struck me as odd at first, but the way I see
it, if Luke didn’t have that family, it would be very difficult to keep
him true to his character in the superhero world he’s now living in. It
allows him to act like a human being and still remain committed to the

My take is not so different from what he’s always been, or from how
Bendis depicts him. He’s a guy with a strong sense of personal
responsibility who is more sure of himself than maybe any other Marvel
character. In this series, that sense of responsibility is aimed more
at a specific community rather than at the larger sense of universal
justice; that’s all.

Luke discovers that an old friend, or rather the son of an old friend,
has been following in his own footsteps down in North Philadelphia in a
kind of “Hero-for-Hire” business. The young man, Leodis, has set up in
the worst part of the city to help out people who couldn’t find help
anywhere else. For his trouble, Leodis is beaten to a pulp. So now Luke
feels that since this poor broken kid tried to be like him, he’s got to
do something about this, which is to say, go kick some ass. But once he
gets there, the facts are revealed to be a bit more complicated than
what I’ve just told you. Ha haaaa. Psych!

Sounds cool to me, John Arcudi is a damn good writer, and very underrated, and we all love Luke Cage, he’s the man. Here’s the cover to #1 by Canete:

Luke Cage

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