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Brevoort Twitters about a meeting Marvel had with Neil Gaiman

It’s been all quiet on the Marvelman front these days, we still have no idea if we’re getting new stories and if the Moore and Gaiman stories will be reprinted.

But now, Twitter has proved itself to not be totally useless again, as Tom Brevoort has revealed that Marvel had a meeting with Neil Gaiman about what his plans were for the series.

@TomBrevoort said:

On another note, attended a cool Marvelman meeting today where Neil
Gaiman told us how his last 2 unfinished storylines will end. Been
waitin something like 17 years to find that out!

Didn’t say that [Gaiman is doing more Marvelman] at all–just that he
was at a meeting with us and told us how his original stories were to
have ended. Nothing’s set in stone yet–this was just a general
Marvelman meeting. But very cool to hear about. No, sorry, didn’t mean
to give that impression [that Gaiman will finish his Marvelman
stories]. We’re still working Marvelman out. But very cool to hear.
[Gaiman] didn’t give anything just yet, he just told us how the story
he was working on in 1993 would have ended.

So, not much movement, but any news is good news. Thanks to Robot 6 for using Twitter so I don’t have to, and there’s more details there, including Bill Willingham’s concerns that Fables will lose Mark Buckingham if/when Marvelman comes back.

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Posted originally: 2010-01-15 12:15:49

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