Major DC Film Announcments Coming at San Diego?

Geoff Johns states at Wondercon that we may be getting some huge DC movie news at San Diego Comic Con.

Rumors are flying about DC’s upcoming San Diego Comic Con movie announcements. Asked at Wondercon about various movie properties, including the Flash and Wonder Woman, the Chief Creative Officer refused to comment, saying he couldn’t talk about it right now. When pressed specifically about a Justice League movie, Johns responded:

"I can’t talk about it. We’ll talk in San Diego."

Such a response appears to most observers to indicate that their is a big announcement about the Justice League, and therefore about the integration of DC’s various film properties in a way similar to Marvel’s Avengers movie plans, in the works for San Diego. In fact, on this very subject, Johns said:

"We’re trying to bring everything together, but everything comes from the comics. You’ll see in the coming months how it’s going to be better integrated, I’m really excited about it, but it’s so early, I can’t get into details yet."

Just another thing to look forward to as San Diego.

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Posted originally: 2010-04-06 09:08:14

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