Will Megan Fox Play Red Sonja?

Rumor has it Rose McGowan is our and Megan Fox is in on the upcoming Red Sonja movie!

McGowan was originally slated to appear in the Douglas Aarniokoski directed and Robert Rodriguez produced Red Sonja movie, but she was recently cast in Conan as a completely different character. Since the movies are likely to be somewhat related and perhaps feature cameos, this makes McGowan playing the starring role in Red Sonja impossible. Too bad, because this promotional poster looked pretty good:

Rose McGowen Red Sonja

So why would McGowan choose a minor role in Conan over a starring role in Sonja? Well, it seems that the movie has been in some trouble, and it’s production has been delayed due to financial circumstances for the studio. Rodriguez had this to say on the matter:

“If I kept the project myself, we could’ve just made it, but it belonged to another company that had financing problems. They had to wait until they made a couple of other movies first. They’re actually waiting until they make the Conan movie before they do that – to see how that works for them.”

So a sure spot in Conan is better than a possible one in Sonja for McGowan. But who will play the role of innocent teenager turned unstoppable warrior in Red Sonja? Sources say that role has been offered to Megan Fox, who could use a suitable action vehicle beyond Transformers. Let’s face it, Fox is popular with fanboys, and she looks like this:

Megan Fox Underwear

So provided she can keep from falling over while holding a broadsword, she’ll be a perfect fit for the role! We’ll keep you posted, Outhousers!

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