Marvel at C2E2: Hit Monkey Returns!

Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajik will write a new Hit-Monkey miniseries for Marvel in July!

With the success of the Hit-Monkey one-shot and his stint in Deadpool alongside Spider-Man, fans have been clamoring for more Hit-Monkey. Marvel and Daniel Way intend to deliver, bringing the character back for a mini-series. Way, who finds writing for a character that doesn’t speak challenging, speaks about the book in an interview on Marvel’s website, which you can read at the link below. Here’s a snippet:

"I think it just struck a chord with people because it seemed ridiculous and so out there," comments the writer. "People seemed to like the idea. And I think the association with Deadpool has helped out definitely because Deadpool opens the door to all kinds of different and weird stories. It just made sense to keep going with the character and let me loose to see what else can be mined from it. Personally, I like writing these bizarre stories. So, it was gratifying that people seemed to dig it and Marvel is supporting it be letting us do more."

The limited series takes place after Hit-Monkey’s origin-available to read on before the character’s appearance in DEADPOOL. Way explains that the story follows how the silent assassin went from fur-covered revenge-seeker to sharp-dressed killer of killers.

"He didn’t realize that was his destiny," says Way. "He just wanted revenge for what had happened to his family. But what he’s going to find out is that revenge isn’t one of those things that has a finite end, especially when you have this spirit of this nameless assassin stuck in your head and urging [you] to go on and on and on."

Marvel at C2E2: Hit Monkey Returns!

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