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icfp42110.gifThanos is coming back! Plus more in this weeks Hot Picks. 


Hot Picks 4-21-10 











The green monster will continue to heat up the comic book market. No not Marvel’s green monster, DC’s, as in Green Lantern. DC’s follow up to the mega successful Blackest Night story line follows up with the Brightest Day. The Brightest Day will have 2 big tie-ins this week with Green Lantern #53 and jla44.gifgreenlantern53.gifJustice League of America #44. Do not miss these issues on Wednesday or Thursday because you’ll be searching for a second print soon after. Green Lantern mania shows no sign of slowing down. Lantern will be a hot commodity for the next few years with the release of the movie coming as well. Speaking of a hot commodity, Guardians of the Galaxy #25 brings back THE cosmic man himself, no it’s not Silver Surfer, It’s the most evil, maniacal, cunning villain to ever walk the cosmo’s and his name is Thanos. Do know this fans, IF Marvel ever decides to journetintomystery102_1964_300.gifsif1.giftouch on its unchartered territory of the cosmic’s on the big screen, Thanos WILL without a doubt be the NEW Darth Vader of the new generation. If Marvel realizes one day that they DO HAVE an epic space/cosmic story to tell, Thanos WILL be the bad guy and people will love him. Think Star Wars on a superhero level; this is what the Marvel cosmic’s could bring. Heck, maybe we’d even get to see ROM on screen! So with Thanos coming back in a dramatic way to wreck havoc on the Marvel cosmo’s, look for Thanos’ very first appearance in Iron Man #55 (1973) at a price tag around $250. An absolute bargain firestar1.gifuncannyxmen193_1985_9.gifhere folks! This comic is so undervalued right now it’s almost ridiculous. If you call yourself a comic book collector and seek that next “big” mover, besides Thor #126, this will be it. Do not hesitate, go find this comic and buy it. Another nice nugget this week from the back issues brings us back to 1964. Journey into Mystery #102 is in the $300 range and holds the first appearance of Sif. This week Marvel will be releasing Sif #1. A female Asgardian makes for some cool reading and eye candy. With the Thor movie moving full steam ahead, one never knows if Sif might be in this movie or make an appearance. We all hope that a franchise will start with the Thor movie. Set to be an epic film, a second part might be a high possibility after the Avengers movie. So who’s to say that Sif won’t make her appearance or be a big part of her OWN film one day? Of course dv8_1996.gifdv81.gifwe could speculate all we want, but the Journey into Mystery #102 is a good buy no matter if she appears in a movie or not. ALL things will be Asgard when the Thor film hits. A huge demand for back issues will ensue and Sif’s first appearance will be a part of that bump in the market. On a much lesser scale than Thanos or Sif, Firestar #1 will be hitting shelves this week. You could find her first appearance in the Uncanny X-Men #193. This comic will only cost you about $8 in some markets. Spend any more than $10 and you’ve been ripped off. This third asm628.gifwhowontwieldtheshield1.gifrate character never seemed to have found a nitch amongst fans so it’s a puzzlement here why marvel is giving her, her own book. Nonetheless, an Uncanny X-Men comic from 25 years ago, with a first appearance costing only $8? That’s a nice buy. Jim Lee brings back DV8 #1 this week. You could find the first appearance of DV8 in the $1 bins across America in DV8 #1 from 1996. Of course the number one issue had about 7 variants, so pick your poison if you just want to have a non relevant first appearance issue. Amazing Spider-Man #628 has a mystery cover with a “cosmic avatar” blacked out. Be sure to check out who this is and the significance this character brings to the table. Captain America Who Wont Wield Shield #1 is a comic that needs NOT to be passed up this week and don’t forget to check out the various creators that have contributed to this comic. And the Deadpool David Finch cover is a beauty isn’t it? Finch is awesome! 

See you all next week, Invest Wisely. 

Jay Katz 


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