Marvel Hot Pick Spotlight – Captain Marvel Dark Tempest #2

Captain Marvel Dark Tempest #2Release date 8/9/23
We have a love for this spotlight because of our affection for writer Ann Nocenti. If you read our weekly Hot Picks post, you already know this. Ann will re-introduce a new Nitro character in this comic. If past results are indicative of future results, we’re looking forward to her new take on this old villain. 

Here is what we said about Wednesday’s new release; Captain Marvel Dark Tempest #2 in this week’s Hot NEW Comics Arriving On Wednesday 8-9-23.
Captain Marvel Dark Tempest #2 – Writer Ann Nocenti, is a badass. She’s a veteran comic book writer and is highly underrated in our humble opinion. She’s been in the industry since the early 1980’s. Had an awesome run on the Daredevil series in which she first introduced Typhoid Mary. Her first comic book work, outside of the six-page anthology story in the magazine-type release; Bizarre Adventures #32 (1982) for Marvel, was later in 1982 in Spider-Woman #47 (Marvel). She’s also responsible for introducing comic book characters; Mojo, Blackheart, and Longshot. She’s a badass. The Spider-Woman comic is probably sitting in some dollar bin at your local shop. If it’s not there, we suggest you click our link and just get it that way, very cheap. A collector’s piece most definitely. We’ve always spoken highly of Ann on InvestComics, for many years we touted her talent. Fast forward to this Wednesday, Ann will re-introduce the villain better known as Nitro. There will be two first-appearance covers of the new Nitro (both pictured here). She’s a badass. 











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