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matmic1.jpgMatt Herring (or the Matman as he is known to everyone) is the co – host of the Secret Identity Podcast. Along with Brian LeTendre, Secret Identity is in it’s forth year of providing ‘solid gold ear candy’ to all who listen. The show is always positive and ‘keeps it clean’ and has a loyal listening audience and a great reputation among creators and comic companies. Just ask a few…


Matman has been collecting comics since 1974 when his dad introduced a young 5 year old to the wonder, fun and imagination of comic books! His collection is over 23,000 books and can tell you where he bought every single one of them. Yet, he forgets people’s names and online passwords all the time. Raised on DC war comics, he currently reads everything with Jonah Hex, Usagi Yojimbo and Captain America his favorites!


In his non comic time Matman works for UPS, married with two kids, plays softball and hockey, is an avid sports fan (Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Penguins and New England Patriots), involved with his church and local charities and lives for Doctor Who, Star Wars, James Bond and anything with Ricky Gervais!


Living in the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, Matman can be reached at On the World Wide Interweb, Secret Identity Podcast can be found at




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