Matt Fraction talks about Video Games

Matt Fraction is writing the script for Sega’s upcoming video game adaptation of Iron Man 2, and the LA Times has a short interview with the Ivincible Iron Man and Uncanny X-Men writer.

Los Angeles Times reporter Alex Pham interviewed Matt Fraction about writing for the video game as well as breaking into the comic book field. On writing for the game:

There’s a difference with written versus spoken dialogue. In a game, a
lot of it is spoken. So I end up talking to myself a lot to hear how my
lines sound. I have to find an artful way to explain everything the
gamer needs to know without making it so unengaging that they just skip
through the dialogue, which is what a lot of gamers do."

Read the full interview here .

Source: LA Times
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Posted originally: 2009-09-06 10:38:16

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