Matt Wagner takes Green Hornet back to Year One

At Baltimore Comic-Con, Dynamite announce that Grendel creator Matt Wagner is to write a Green Hornet: Year One series.

The Green Hornet seems to be a pretty big deal these days, there’s that Seth Rogen movie coming out, and Kevin Smith is rejigging his own movie pitch into a new maxi-series for Dynamite Entertainment, and now at Baltimore Comic-Con, Dynamite have announced that Grendel and Mage creator Matt Wagner will write a Year One story about the character with artist Ross Campbell. CBR have the details. Dynamite head honcho Nick Barucci had this to say about Wagner’s attachment to the project:

"He loves the Green Hornet,
loves the original Britt Reid, and once we got into the conversation,
he was really hyped about doing the origin story. It’s just a perfect
marriage. You’ve got one of the most respected creators in comics
writing one of the most classic characters in comics. It’s fantastic,
and it’s a ‘Year One’ story like you’ve never seen before. Matt has
been really incredible at nailing the essence of the character while
still making it accessible to a modern audience. He’s fantastic."

Barucci also stated that the book would be a period piece, with Britt Reid and Kato being firmly placed in the 1930s, and he also discussed the possibility of a crossover with The Lone Ranger, who is the Green Hornet‘s great-grandfather.

Here’s Wagner’s cover for the first issue:

Green Hornet Year One
No news on when this is coming out, but we’ll be sure to update you, and also bring you more news from Baltimore Comic-Con.

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Posted originally: 2009-10-10 13:17:06

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