Milestone Forever

Dwayne McDuffie returns to the Milestone Universe, but is he ending it as well?

We all know about the Milestone Universe, those comics with more minority heroes, and the birthplace of the very popular Static, and we all know about how DC bought them, and intended to introduce them into the DCU, and then screwed the pooch and pissed of the Milestone founder Dwayne McDuffie to no end, but now it looks like something is getting done right. Over at the DCU Source , they’ve announced Milestone Forever, a new project by Dwayne McDuffie which will feature all the characters we know, Static, Icon, Hardware, all those dudes. McDuffie pimps the series thusly:

16 years ago this month, industry giant DC Comics and upstart
Milestone Media entered into an unprecedented creative partnership,
producing 14 interlocking, creator-owned titles including Hardware,
Icon, and the multimedia hit that would best be known as Static Shock.
The story Milestone chose to tell was an audacious one, larger than
life on its surface, character and story-driven at its base, Humanist
and multicultural at its heart. For over 250 issues, fans explored a
superhero universe like no other.

Today, nine Parents Choice awards, four Eisner Award nominations and
one Emmy and Humanitas award-winning hit TV series later, Milestone is
back, its continuity mysteriously merged with the DCU. While we saw the
DC side of the story in “Justice League: When Worlds Collide,”
Milestone Forever gathers the original artists from Milestone’s launch
titles: John Paul Leon, Mark Bright, Chris Cross and Milestone Founder
Denys Cowan, to complete the tales told in the original runs of STATIC
Editor in Chief Dwayne McDuffie reveals the final fate of each of
Milestone’s launch characters in a bittersweet tale that chronicles the
literal end of a universe, and the birth of something new, with major
consequences for the future of the DC Universe.

Sounds good huh? But final fate? The end of a universe? Did they bring back the Milestone characters just to kill them? Huh.

Have a look at some fine, fine art:

Milestone Forever

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