Preview of Zack Whedon’s Dr. Horrible One-Shot

Check out a seven page preview of Zack Whedon’s Dr. Horrible from Dark Horse Comics!

As fans eagerly await the Dr. Horrible sequel, which we reported a few days ago already has several songs written, they might want to check out co-writer Zack Whedon’s Dr. Horrible comic from Dark Horse, which is a prequel to the original mini-series.

"It’s a prequel to the web series, and you get to see his first of many
embarrassing encounters with Captain Hammer," Whedon said of the
24-page story, which hits shelves November 18. "But the web series is
really an origin story too, so this is a little prelude to that."

Whedon, who co-wrote Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog along with his brothers Joss and Jed, as well as Jed’s wife Maurissa Tancharoen, also wrote a Dr. Horrible Universe comic last year that focused on the character Moist. Two other Dr. Horrible comics have been produced as well, one focusing on Horrible’s nemesis Captain Hammer, and another focusing on love interest Penny.

Though the comic is written by Zack, the entire Whedon team looks over any Dr. Horrible products being produced:

"I’ll write something up, then send it around my various family members
and they all sign off on it," he said. "With this comic, I wanted to
create something that was just sort of fun in the vein of the series.
Part of the joy of the web series is watching Dr. Horrible fail in his
attempts to take down Captain Hammer, so this is one of those earlier

The comic features Dr. Horrible’s origin story, and, of course, some buttkicking scenes involving Captain Hammer.

"At one point in the web series, there’s a montage of Captain Hammer
kicking Dr. Horrible’s ass, and this is sort of an expanded version of
one of those instances," he said. "It’s really his first attempt at
being a big-time supervillain."

To see the preview, head over to MTV’s website , where it is an exclusive.

Source: MTV News

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