Mirror’s Edge Makes Its Way to the iPhone

The popular EA game will make its way to iPhone users.

Source: The Appera

The game’s features:

  • EXPERIENCE THE WORLD OF MIRROR’S EDGE – A place where information is heavily monitored and law is brutally enforced in an effort to create the ‘perfect’ society.
  • YOUR MISSION -Take control of Faith Connors, a member of an underground messenger group known as Runners, as she races to stop a deadly threat that has grown from within their own ranks.
  • SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST… AND FASTEST – Use Faith’s incredible acrobatic moves to outmaneuver the enemy –run on walls, slide down precarious ramps, ride ziplines, and leap between rooftops. Leave the enemy in your dust.
  • EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT EXCITEMENT – Burn through 14 levels of the fastest, most fluid action imaginable. Dynamic camera angles capture the intense action of this unique game.
  • HEIGHTEN YOUR SENSES- Immerse yourself in a stylish, graphically rich 3D environment flooded with realistic sound effects and phenomenal music.

  • The game is expected to come out January 2010. For now, take a look at some screenshots.


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