Patton Oswalt Hates the Internet Comics Community

The comedian who trashed comic book fans back when Watchmen was released is back for round two.

Check out the video:

"Once the movie comes out and you have a feeling about your experience, that’s fine. But I just got so, I guess, depressed. I am a big comic book fan. Are we always going to be represented as the people that rip into things before they see them and are proud to criticize things that we don’t know anything about? Maybe ‘Watchmen’ sucked for some people, maybe it was great for some people, but you can’t sit there and pass judgment before the thing comes out. That’s so sad."

"Even sports fans, which in a weird way are even more far gone than comic book fans, they don’t sit there and say, ‘Yeah, the Yankees are gonna suck this season. I haven’t seen them play a single game and I’ve decided they’re gonna suck.’ Even they wouldn’t have that arrogance. So that’s all I was trying to point out. Have any opinion that you want. Don’t go off about it before you’ve seen it."

Source: MTV News

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Posted originally: 2009-12-02 17:06:52

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