Namor joining the REAL X-men?

Defenders, then Avengers, now X-men!!

Here’s a funny thing.  During some office shenanigans at Marvel, Editor Nick Lowe had his desk covered with Post It notes because he seems to leave them everywhere.  He Twittered the following image to share with all of us:


927941-dark_reign_list_x_men_one_shot_197x300_super.jpgWhat makes this all newsworthy is if you look at the picture on927942-close_super.jpg the clipboard with Namor.  It’s an awesome piece of art by the awesome Alan Davis.   Rich Johnston pointed out that the image has only been seen with just Namor and a blacked out background.  But looking closely you see that he seems to be fighting along side (the real) Wolverine and Colossus.  It’s mentioned that possibly Cyclops and maybe Havok are also there but I don’t quite see that.

What do you think this means for Dark Reign and the Dark X-men?  Why is Namor seemingly fighting with the X-Men rather than with Emma and the Dark X-Men?  Maybe he had a little lovers’ tiff with Emma.
Posted originally: 2009-08-23 17:11:39

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