Remender and ‘The Last Days Of American Crime’

In a new mini from Radical Comics, Rick Remender explores a future where the US government bans all illegal thought, and the last-ditch heist by a down on his luck criminal.

This isn’t strictly new news, but I think you all need to hear about this, because it sounds brilliant. I know the Fear Agent and Punisher writer is popular with everyone on the site, and this sounds like his best idea so far, a future noir with dystopian elements, how can you say no?

In an interview with CBR , Remender describes the premise of the series:

The premise of “Last Days of
American Crime” sets a heist story in the midst of “A Clockwork
Orange”-style crime prevention scheme. In two weeks, the United States
government will broadcast a signal that will essentially make the
commission of crime impossible. “It seems like the kind of reactionary
thing we’d see if the US was hit by another terrorist attack, if the
technology were available of course. The idea of a switch that, once
thrown, would erase all bad behavior, I think if it were possible,
they’d do it,” Remender told CBR. “I took that Orwellian world to the
Nth degree and came up with an idea where the government has discovered
a frequency that hinders a human from doing anything they know to be
unlawful. Basically, this frequency makes it impossible for you to
jaywalk, steal, cheat on your spouse, etc. If you know it’s unlawful,
you can’t do it. But two weeks before they throw the switch, The
Washington Post breaks the story and the country goes crazy.

”The action focuses on Graham
Brick and the last crime he’ll ever need — or be able — to commit.
“To distract everyone from their ‘American Peace Initiative’ signal,
the government has been transitioning from paper money to cards, where
all financial transactions take place on plastic. Graham Brick is a
down-on-his-luck loser who has been working as a security guard at one
of the facilities where they charge the cards with money, and he plans
to steal one of these machines,” Remender explained. “A hacker would
set it to an infinite loop and they’d go off to the Bahamas and be able
to charge endless amounts of money

“And while Brick is content
to bide his time and take the plan slowly, news of the upcoming
anti-crime signal forces him to pull together a team of criminals on
short notice to assist with the caper amid all of the ensuing chaos.”

The book will feature artwork by Greg Tocchini (Ion) and have covers by Alex Maleev (Daredevil), the first issue is out soon, and although it’s $4.99, it’s going to be 64 pages, the next 2 issues are 56 pages. Remender is already working on a movie version, so best to get on the wagon now, before the last days of ‘Last Days of American Crime’ run out!

Head to CBR for a 15 page preview.
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