New Deadpool #1 Comic: A Villainous Debut and 13 Must-Have Covers

This Wednesday 4/3/24, comic shops will face the invasion of Deadpool #1, the latest attempt by Marvel to empty your wallets with not just a new storyline but with a battalion of variant covers. UPDATE: Since we last reviewed this post, more variant covers have come out, so make sure you click on any of these covers and check out ALL of the variants on eBay. 

Crafted by the hands of Cody Ziglar and brought to life by the strokes of Roge Antonio, this debut issue promises to kick off with a bang, a few stabs, and possibly a slew of fourth-wall-breaking jokes that will have you questioning your existence. But let’s not forget the pièce de résistance, the cherry on top of this comic book sundae—the introduction of a new villain so menacing, so dastardly, that they only could be named…Death Grip. I mean, with a name like that, you’d expect nothing less than a bone-crushing handshake or a terrifyingly tight hug.
But wait, there’s more! Marvel, in their infinite wisdom, decided that 13 variant covers would be the perfect number to send collectors into a frenzy. Among these artistic wonders, we have the violent Stephen Segovia cover, because nothing says “Welcome to Deadpool” like a bit of the old ultra-violence. Then there’s the “very big gun cover,” because size does matter when it comes to firearms in comic books. Don’t forget the “teddy bear cover,” appealing to your softer side, right before you turn the page to see Deadpool probably using said teddy bear as a silencer.
And, of course, what Deadpool issue would be complete without the expected Rob Liefeld cover? It’s like expecting chimichangas at a Deadpool party and actually getting them. It’s comforting, in a way, knowing that some things never change.
So, dear readers, as you stand in front of the comic book rack this Wednesday, paralyzed by the indecision of which variant cover to choose, remember: Deadpool wouldn’t care. He’d probably buy them all, use them as wallpaper, and still make a snarky comment about how there weren’t enough pouches.
Welcome back to the chaos, folks. Deadpool wouldn’t have it any other way.

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