Newsletter – Happy Holiday’s from InvestComics

Happy Holiday’s from InvestComics

Hello Everyone,

What a year it has been! The InvestComics family would like to thank each and every one of you for making it possible that InvestComics had its biggest year ever.

Many things took place this past year. The pinnacle of the InvestComics website and a personal pinnacle has to be the interview with Stan Lee. Then, InvestComics got its first published work out with “InvestComics Presents One & Done”. All proceeds have gone to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Again on a personal note, I got out my first original written story out in Vincent Price House of Horror’s #1 from Bluewater Comics.

InvestComics is now featured on the Mancave Playbabes website and a featured article is written exclusively for the online magazine by me. Stay close to InvestComics because if you’re a creator, publisher, a newcomer, you may be picked for an interview, so be ready! Look for some very big things coming out of the Mancave Playbabes camp in the coming year.

Merchandise from InvestComics will debut in 2013, look for that as well.

InvestComics has taken to the Social Medium this year. YouTube (278 subscribers over 30,000 video views), Facebook (doubled in size 1200 Likes), LinkedIn (250 connections), Twitter (213 followers), Also on Google+, BlipTV. Once again on a personal note, InvestComics was a thought way back in the day because of the Wizard World magazine and just the other day, Wizard World started following InvestComics on Twitter. Yes, that’s cool.

Recent partnerships with great companies such as Bags Unlimited Inc. and ComicWow! and so many more to come.

With the regular FFFIC Video Comic Book Reviews every week appearing on InvestComics (awesome reviews from Sebastian and Shaun), another NEW video show will be coming up soon too call The Broker & The Artist. This show is already appearing on television in Indiana! Soon to be on the InvestComics TV website and YouTube. Stay tuned!

2012 has been a spectacular year and 2013 will be bigger. The pinnacle year for InvestComics will be this year folks, get ready!

Images from 2012 throughout this newsletter include, Miami; Myself with Mancave Playbabes Samantha and Laura – Launch Party (check out the backdrop with the InvestComics logo), Stan Lee and myself – Orlando MegaCon, InvestComics article as it appears in the Mancave Playbabes magazine and a still image from the new show “The Broker & The Artist.” with myself and Erick Marquez.

Thank you all, have a happy and safe holiday.

Jay Katz



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