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New York Comic Con 2011 was fantastic. As it is every year.

I have lots of pictures below for you to check out. The photos are low res, but it should suffice. I will be posting some video as soon as they are edited and ready to go.

The climate is definitely shifting very much towards the digital age. Everything on the main floor was geared in some way with a digital imprint on it. Even in the literal sense. Every flyer, postcard, pamphlet, or even business cards and comic book had the Apple QR on it. Amazing how technology is so rapid and was so prevalent at this show.

This year however I learned some valuable lessons. Some I can discuss and others that would be better left unsaid. One lesson I learned is the value of a small publisher and the friendship’s you develop over the years of doing so many of these conventions. The small publishers remind me a lot of myself and how hungry they are to meet their dreams. As I strode the endless aisles of the floor at the Jacobs Javis Center, I couldn’t help but notice that you’d be hard pressed to find any of the “big name” comic book web sites interviewing the small press guys. I’m quite sure they did have some sort of coverage, just that they never seemed to be around when I was around.

I want to personally thank 2 specific small publishers for their hospitality and the great detailed conversation’s we had about business and life. Creature Entertainment and Unstoppable Comics. You should click their names to be directed to their sites. If either one of these publishers ever come to your area, make it a point to visit their booth. Both Juan (Creature Entertainment) and Jay (Unstoppable Comics) are really cool guys (as are their counterparts in the booths).

And Banky, thanks for the original Powergirl picture.  

The crowds were controlled well for the most part, although an idea here; they should have an “empty” booth every few aisles or so and make that a point of interest to take pictures of fans walking around in cool costumes. Arrows can point to the nearest picture station on the corner of the aisles. It would really free up the middle of the aisles when a 20 year old “Dazzler” comes walking through. The aisles literally stall out and this sometimes creates tempers to flare.  

All and all, the NYCC 2011 was amazing again. It’s an experience that everyone should live at least once. It’s not San Diego (it will be!), but its well worth the time and effort to get there.

Enjoy the pictures, video coming soon.

Also like to thank Dan Jurgens, Dan Didio, Kevin Maguire, Bob Layton, Chris Claremont, Dan Parent, Tony Moore, Keith Giffen, Alex Maleev, David Baxter, Brian Hurtt, Cullen Bunn, Alex Saviuk, and Peter S. Beagle. You guys rock!!  

(Special personal thanks to Roger Bilheim)

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