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Mark Millar raises the possibility of a sequel to the hit Wolverine: Old Man Logan storyline

During one of his regular pimpage threads over at his site Millarworld , writer Mark Millar has mentioned that a sequel to his and artist Steve McNiven’s Old Man Logan story could be forthcoming.

Would you guys like a sequel? Steve and I have discussed and I have an
idea. If enough people want it we’d certainly start putting stuff
together. We’ve gone through several prints of every issue so far and
average sales on each ish now total 120K each. So there seems to be a


Even though the story hasn’t actually finished yet (the finale is out in a few weeks), Old Man Logan is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Wolverine solo stories of all time, it’s just been a shit-ton of fun, a cross between Unforgiven and Dark Knight Returns, with Millar McNiven having almost total freedom to do crazy stuff. Unless the final chapter royally screws things up, I’d welcome a sequel. But what would it be about? More Wolverine? Or someone else? Old Man Howard The Duck?

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Posted originally: 2009-09-01 06:05:23

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