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Growing up in the 80’s was the absolute best time of my life as a teenager. It was Bruce Springsteen, vibrant neon colors, baseball, and comic books. I always seemed to revert back to the comics for the peace of mind, the escape if you will. There were the usual suspects as far as creator’s go. Perez, Starlin, Byrne, Zeck, and Bill Mantlo. Mr. Mantlo brought some of the most riveting comic book writing to the genre back then for me. Comics like Contest of the Champions, Cloak and Dagger, Micronaunts, The Incredible Hulk, and one of my personal favorites of all time; ROM. He also was the co-creator of a character that will probably become the next biggest character to come out of the movies in a long time; Rocket Raccoon. Mr. Mantlo had his hand in many many more creations and comics than I could possibly list here.

Rom_ #1_Cloak_and_Dagger_ #1_Rocket_Raccoon_#1

Mr. Mantlo suffered a debilitating brain injury when he was struck by a car while rollerblading in 1992. Bill’s caregiver Michael needs our help. Here’s the thing folks, I write this because I honestly feel a personal connection with Mr. Mantlo. He introduced worlds to me that I escaped to each time I read his stories. I am grateful to him for that. He needs our help now. The comic book community’s help, the fans, the creators, the collectors, it doesn’t matter.

Often times InvestComics speaks about the worth of a comic book, the value. This here is about quality and value as well. Bill Mantlo needs his quality of life. Thanks to a friend that pointed out an article to me that creator Greg Pak wrote on his blog about Bill Mantlo needing help, I can now help expand the awareness. Jump to the Greg Pak blog by clicking HERE to get more insight on this story, donate as well as Mr. Pak’s own words. Donating whatever you can would help tremendously.

Our thoughts are with you Mr. Mantlo.

Jay Katz



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