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EL1This Revealing Look at the Private Lives of Elephantmen Warrants An “M” Rating
Berkeley, CA – 10 February 2011 – Lovely Miki will once again grace the cover of ELEPHANTMEN, but this time she will be joined by a mature readers label for the first time ever! While the beautiful cover by the famed J. Scott Campbell is enough to get pulses racing, it was the interior pages of this most revealing issue that caused Richard Starkings and Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson to decide on the “M” rating for this pulp science fiction series.

Richard Starkings spoke of the mature label, “Right from the beginning I wanted to show that the Elephantmen were attractive to women, and attracted to women. When Ladrönn and I launched HIP FLASK, we decided very definitely that the book would be R rated, and I think ELEPHANTMEN #30 has to carry the actual rating, because there are scenes in the issue which will raise some eyebrows.”
Starkings added, “I do like that Miki is very much the proactive partner in the relationship, because some girls in the real world do like to let guys know that they’re interested — they like to lead, they like to be in control, and Miki is one of those girls. She’s comfortable with her sexuality and in this issue she shows it. And in the next one too, so it looks like the “Mature Readers” label will stay!”

In this final installment of the Questionable Things story arc, Miki visits Hip Flask to kiss and make up after recent events… and to spend a quiet night alone with him! This issue will lead into the one shot ELEPHANTMEN: MAN AND ELEPHANTMAN, which will be a great jumping on point for readers that have not yet been introduced to the series.
While the series has often walked a fine line as far as ratings are concerned, the quality of story and art has always been highly praised. And for the first time since joining the series with issue #26, Axel Medellin is creating fully painted art himself.

ELEPHANTMEN #30, a 32-page full-color science fiction comic book for mature readers will be for sale in stores on March 9, 2011 for $3.50.

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