Review: Predator: Life And Death #1

Predator Life And Death #1
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Predator: Life And Death #1

Dark Horse Comics
Script: Dan Abnett
Art: Brian Albert Thies
Colors: Rain Beredo
Lettering: Micheal Heisler

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I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear about this book!  When Predator vs Aliens came out back in the dayt I read the books religiously, I don’t think any other series grabbed my imagination quite the same way, prompting me to write several embarrassing letters in to Dark Horse comics. However, the time in between was a bit of a desert for fans of this story setting, and led to disappointment after disappointment in every medium. Scan the time code to 2016, and when I open this #1 in the Life and Death story line of Predator, you are back in the summer of 1990 again. The comics renaissance is in full swing, and writer Dan Abnett has done a book that is worthy of carrying the long dormant torch of the Predator franchise forward. It is a great move on Dark Horse editorial’s part to enlist  one of the sci-fi power-horse team who revamped Guardians of the Galaxy, giving us the version we all know now from the MCU film, and Mr. Abnett seems primed to perform a similar service in this universe!

Collaborator, Brian Albert Thies’ noirish art style grabs you by the willy nellies with his heavy confident lines, adding extra gravitas and power to this dark tale of sci fi action. Most of Thies’s previous experience seems to be as an inker, which makes him an unlikely, yet perfect choice to draw this book! The storytelling is strong with this one, and I’m sure after this series, many editors will be friending him on Facebook! Thies’ style is complimented and enhanced by the muted colour palette of Rain Beredo who really brought the world to life. Great job guys!

Abnett and Thies have wonderfully brought the franchise back to it’s roots. By going in and showing us what got us all excited about these storylines in the first place, They have me feeling almost what I felt back when we first met the Predator with “Arnold”. You heard an Austrian accent there, right?  An elite military force is suddenly ambushed and hunted by vastly superior Predator hunters, and tying it together expertly with a climax that hints of whats to come for this band of brothers and sisters. I’m not going to spoil anything here, because I want you to read this, but the cover does have a Predator in front of the Engineer’s ship from Alien/s and Prometheus. After enduring year after gruelling year of having our childhoods raped by Hollywood, it’s nice to see something come together that restores faith and hope in the storytellers of our time. With the reboot of the Predator and Alien franchises looming and a potential Prometheus sequel in the works, it’s a great time to stop by your local comic retailer and pick up these nicely paced pieces of paper!

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