RIP Bruce Brown

‘Brit’ writer passes away.

It’s been a sad week for comics fans, first the death of Dick Giordano, and now this, Bruce Brown, the writer of Image Comics’ Brit has passed away. From ComicsAlliance :

Following that loss, friends of "Brit" writer Bruce Brown are now reporting that he passed away last night. As "Brit" artist Nate Bellegarde posted on his Livejournal, "I am bummed out because cancer killed my friend last night. I worked with Bruce Brown on Brit. He wrote it, I drew it. He was a special kind of talented crazy man with a big beard, a huge scar on his head, cowboy hat, missing fingers, and a deranged grin. And now he is gone forever."

This is sad news, Brown’s Brit was a very fun series, and it seemed like he was just getting his start at Image.

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Posted originally: 2010-03-30 07:31:29

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