Rob Liefeld Indirectly Responsible for Twilight: New Moon?

Rob Liefeld reminisces about the unproduced script for his Badrock movie, which was written by the director of Twilight: New Moon!

On twitter today, superstar artist Rob Liefeld revealed an interesting bit of trivia about New Moon director Chris Weitz: back in 1996, he wrote the script for a possible Badrock movie that was unfortunately never produced. From Twitter:

Trying the Twilight saga for the 1st time tomorrow. Looks good. Little known fact, director Chris Weitz wrote unproduced BADROCK film 1996.

Chris Weitz and his bro Paul went on to direct American Pie, About a Boy and Chris directed The Golden Compass. Their BADROCK script rocked!

Ultimately, after re-writes, New Line felt the Badrock film, very much a Beavis/Butthead/South Parky take on a kid superhero was too $$$$

This reporter wonders if, with the recent success of Weitz, this project could get rollling again. Wishful thinking, but it would be cool.

Liefeld also posted a picture of the Image United #1 covers, which were all lined up in the Image Comics offices:

Image United Covers

Image United #1, featuring the art talents of the original Image founders, will be in stores next week!
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