Sal’s Minute Of Mediocrity! Teaser Trailer

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Host/Producer Salvatore Antithesis with Co-Producer/Camera/Editor Brenton Noon bring an all new comic book review show like you’ve never seen before. It’s impossible to get bored or click it off because it’s only one minute long! “Sal’s Minute Of Mediocrity!” No wasted time, down time, maundering, just getting to the point. And Sal definitely knows how to do this. Watch the trailer below which last 7 seconds more than the actual show! Will Sal’s Minute Of Mediocrity! ever go over the one minute mark? Will it be by 4 seconds or 8 or less?? Will he hit the one minute spot dead on? Will the internet explode if he goes over the one minute? Will fanboys find something to complain about regarding this video and fun concept? (yes of course they will), All of these questions will be answered soon with surprises in store! So sit back, grab a junior mint, no time for a drink and watch the Exclusive 67 seconds of the new teaser trailer debuting before the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie right here, right now! Chewie said this was happening, maybe we misunderstood. Hard to catch everything he says sometimes.

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