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With the recent release of a new teaser trailer from TwitchFilm, InvestComics wanted to quickly give speculators three comic books to possibly look for. Although there is no solid validity to the trailer, it’s still a good looking Russian superhero team to hit the screen, if ever.

Here are three comics you can buy/bid on right now by clicking on them if you’d like to get ahead of the curve a bit. But first, here is the trailer, once again, thank you to TwitchFilm…..

Now the comics…..Click the RED link or comic covers to buy/bid now.

Incredible Hulk #163 (1973) – The first appearance of Soviet Super Troopers. The late great Herb Trimpe pencils and cover art.

Incredible Hulk #258 (1981) – First appearance of the Soviet Super Soldiers.Sal Buscema pencils, Al Milgrom and Frank Miller cover.

Iron Man Vol 3 #9 (1998) – The first appearance of the team Winter Guard. Kurt Busiek writes, Sean Chen pencils and cover art.

The Incredible Hulk 258 InvestComics 1981 Soviet Super Soldiers group
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Incredible_Hulk_Vol_1_163 1973 Soviet Super Troopers
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Iron Man 9 InvestComics 1998 Winter Guard
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Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

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