Sam Kieth goes Mad in Arkham

New Hardcover graphic novel from Maxx creator explores comics’ scariest corridors.

Arkham Asylum is big news these days, it’s the setting for the only good Batman videogame ever, and David Hine is writing a new mini-series about the revolving door madhouse.

But wait, there’s more! Sam Kieth has a new hardcover OGN in development for DC, entitled Arkham Asylum: Madness. Editor Michael Siglain, teasing at the DCU Source blog is cryptic:

Well, my time is almost up here, so let’s end on another truly creepy
image: the cover to the all-new hardcover by writer/artist Sam Kieth.
Sinister Sam is inviting all of you to join him as he spends the night
in the most infamous insane asylum in all of DC Comics. Welcome to
Arkham Asylum: Madness. As they said in the remake of The Fly, “Be
afraid. Be very afraid.”

He also shares the cover, featuring a sinister take on who else? The Joker.

Arkham Asylum Madness
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