Marc Guggenheim leaves Spidey’s Web-Heads

Writer leaves rotation after upcoming Ben Reilly story arc.

During a interview promoting the upcoming ‘Who Was Ben Reilly?’ storyline, writer Marc Guggenheim announced that the story would be his last for the Thrice-Monthly Amazing Spider-Man book.

Guggenheim’s upcoming story will also mark his last outing in
Spider-Man’s world for the foreseeable future, as the writer reveals
that commitments elsewhere have forced him to step down from the

"This will be my last arc on the book as a member of
Spidey’s ‘Webheads,’" Guggenheim confirms. "I’d been thinking of an
exit strategy for a while now because my workload has gotten so heavy,
and the inter-coordination required to write Spider-Man was something I
found myself having less and less time to devote to. I was going to
write one more arc, but I was so happy with the way this one was
turning out that I thought this should be my swan song. Hopefully,
people will buy the book, read it and agree with me.


The writer did say that he’s not totally out of Peter Parker’s world, as he is writing an Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot mini-series, and hopes to do more of such minis in the future. Guggenheim has been one of the key players in the Brand New Day Spider-Man writing team, being most heavily involved with the characters of Menace and Jackpot, and also helming the big ‘Character Assassination’ story arc.

I imagine his leaving is due to his involvement in ABC’s Flashforward TV show and also the Green Lantern movie. But we shouldn’t worry, Spider-Man is still in capable hands, the remaining Web-Heads include writers Dan Slott, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Fred Van Lente, Bob Gale and Zeb Wells.

‘Who Was Ben Reilly?’ begins in Amazing Spider-Man #608, goes on sale October 7th and features art by Marco Checchetto and Luke Ross.


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