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In the world a comic collecting we love it when a character takes the market by storm.  Though the jury is out on Livewire she definitely has a shot at becoming the next big thing in comics.  At first glace she doesn’t seem to have much going for her, like a weak origin and a first appearance in Superman Adventures 5 which is by no means a favorite amongst comic fans.  But like HQ she has a killer costume and sometimes that’s all it takes.

If her introduction into the New 52 blows fans away then look out, her small list of past appearances will see  value increase similar to early HQ appearances.

Currently Superman Adv 5 and Action 835 are hot.  With recently sales of 40 and even 100 for Superman Adv 5 no one can deny her electric rise in popularity.  Unfortunately for people who paid a lot for those comics they might be upset to learn that her image appeared first at the end of the previous issue, Superman Adventures 4!  That’s not to say that issue 5 isn’t valuable.  It is her first cover and first appearance in a narrative. It’s just not a first appearance and in comics that is often the most important thing to collect.




8 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks – Single Issue – Superman Adventures 4

  1. Love this site, usually agree with your picks. I have to strongly disagree here. I don’t think we should start mining advertisements (Superman Adventures 4) as true first appearances. I think its a bad investment choice.

    Comic book first appearances are firmly rooted in story and art that lends to the continuity of the character. Trade ads, house ads, and editorial descriptions of characters do not depict the character in their continuity/story/mythos/whatever.

    1st appearances as previews is one thing (i.e. Vertigo previews and DCs 1980s “pullout” book previews), but an advertisement is something entirely different.

    Strange Tales #112 has a full page ad for Avengers #1, should collectors who can’t afford an Avengers 1 pay a couple hundred bucks for this book? Not unless you really love a Kirby early Human Torch story where he fights a sub-par villain.

    I think these picks encourage investments that will lose, much like folks investing in Marvel Age issues. The end result of snapping up Marvel Age issues…is owning a neat little stack of .50-dollar box items you can’t re-sell unless packaged as a “bonus” comic with the true 1st app on ebay.

    Show me a dealer selling advertisements as 1st appearances, I’ll show you a dealer with overstock on an unwanted comic.

  2. What is with this speculator insanity?

    If Live Wire’s first appearance is an ad at the end of the previous issue, then how many other characters debuted the issue before in a promo at then end of the book? I’m pretty sure the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #238 was shown at the end of AMS #237. Does that mean that the Hobgoblin’s first appearance should be #237?

    Maybe Live Wire’s first appearance should be the issues of Previews or Advance (the defunct Capital City’s version of Previews), since they would have displayed the cover to Superman Adventures before issue #4 was out. Any idea which of those catalogs were released first?

    This is the most bat-**** crazy thing… I’ve got three of them posted on ebay. If speculators want them, I’ll take the sale! But it’s really sad to see that things have gotten this ridiculous!

    1. If Livewire appears in Previews buy it! But I don’t think she did. Either way the Web has dried up, no Superman Adv 4’s to be found cheap anymore.

  3. well i see your points about previews but i like the livewire pick here because she has limited appearances, the artwork is different and because it can be found cheap. investors/collectors who buys comics i suggest take little risk because i almost always recommend comics that are available for under 5 bucks!

  4. Not sure if you noticed, but Action Comics #834 also has a cameo appearance of Livewire. Just picked up 2 of those at a local shop for $2.50 each.

  5. Well I just re-read my comment, I didn’t mean it to come off as harsh as it did. Honestly, at the end of the day, it is a hobby so to each his/her own when choosing what to collect.

    As an investment, I think I’ll stick with my own advice. I like the comment beanlynch added re: Previews or Advance…of course you could throw Comic Shop News into that pile (which some may even argue actually is collectible as it has contained an ongoing Stan Lee Spiderman strip for years…though it kinda sucks, and used to contain original Bendis Powers strip and others before that).

    Certainly if promotional images appeal to you as a collector, by all means snap them up!

    You’re right, they can be had cheaply and at the very least can be conversation starters among collectors. (Proof being this very string)

    Anyway…again, didn’t mean to come off as harsh. Bottom line the only way this hobby stays afloat is if everyone buys books! So buy what you like.

    1. Don’t laugh but some of the CSN issues are rare. One ( I forget which ) has a rare Sonic appearance. I would add DC Direct, DC releases, Dark Horse Insider ( one issue has the first appearance of Ash/Army of Darkness), Marvel Age, and Dark Horse Insider to the list. No biggie on harsh comments! People are passionate and I love that! Thanks for reading.

  6. (Sorry for the late response, as I just now discovered this site.)

    Look at Hulk 180/181.
    IH 180 has an actual appearance in the story — a one panel cameo, but a story appearance nonetheless. Yet it sells at a considerable discount to IH 181.

    I can’t site any more recent examples, as I have been out of the comics loop for a couple decades, but do you really think an ad image of a new character is going to set investors’ eyes spinning, when a true 1st app like IH 180 takes a back seat to the “1st meaningful appearance” in 181?

    I would be willing to bet that, when it comes to Livewire, if and when the character makes it into the DCU mainstream (and I think it will be sooner, rather than later, the way DC keeps cancelling and then creating new New 52 titles), Action 835, with it’s dynamite cover, and LW’s significant role in the story, will be THE book to own.

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