Splash Page from Wildcats #19

Take a look at a splash page from Wildcats #19.

Source: Wildstorm’s blog


Written by Adam Beechen; Art by Tim Seeley and Ryan Wynn; Cover by George Pérez

The Carrier has left UnLondon, taking some of Earth’s most powerful defenders with it. Can the heroes who remain help the planet survive not one, but two alien invasions? In the world’s darkest hour since NUMBER OF THE BEAST, Super Heroes from every corner of the WildStorm Universe must put aside past rivalries and disagreements to work together as one massive team of incalculable power – and it still may not be enough!

Expect wall-to-wall action from the new creative team of writer Adam Beechen (ROBIN, TEEN TITANS) and artist Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, G.I. Joe)!


Wildcats #19 drops January 2010.
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