Stephen King’s American Vampire Cover Revealed

The image of the cover to the upcoming Vertigo book by Scott Snyder, Raphael Albuquerque, and Stephen King appeared on the net today!

In an interview with USA Today, Scott Snyder talked about how Stephen King came to be involved in writing his first comic book:

I’ve been in touch with him ever since he gave me a blurb about my short-story collection Voodoo Heart. I sent him a description of American Vampire,
and he said he’d be willing to do a couple of issues. As he was working
on the story, he fell in love with the character of Skinner Sweet, an
outlaw sociopath who ends up becoming the first American vampire.
Really not too surprising that he, of all people, would fall in love
with that character. Steve’s involvement in a few issues turned into
five; he really expanded on the existing story, expanded on the
characters and the direction. And to work with him? I mean, he’s the
awe-inspiring and terrifying Stephen King! It’s been an incredible

Along with the interview was posted the cover to the book:

American Vampire by Stephen King

Read the full interview at USA Today!

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Posted originally: 2009-10-28 21:22:52

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