Comic Broker – January 2015 (part 2)

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 2 ( Sealed )

There have been some rumblings over at Fox concerning the return of The X-Files starring the original investigating team.  If that happens the original series will start to get hot.  At one time the early issues of the Topps series were quite valuable.  Also I  have mentioned this SW mag  before.  Now is the time to buy cheap!


Notable issues: Hero illustrated 22 ( sealed only ) contains X-Files -1, X-Files Comic Digest December 1995 Photo Variant, X-Files 1,2,40 a & b,41 a & b

Alias 24

The Purple Man will be coming to TV.  His first appearance is in a pretty expensive comic but his first appearance is Alias is quite easy to find and that is probably where he will show up first.


Daredevil 4 ( First appearance of the Purple Man )


The Incredible Hulk 100 ( Second appearance of Amadeus Cho )

Callsheet 66 puts a Doctor Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Is he still the seventh smartest person on Earth?  If so Amazing Fantasy Volume 2 #15 is going to blow up.  The reason I have yet to mention it?  It’s already been hyped for a while and collectors have been holding for some time.  Below is his second appearance and this comic is hard to find because of the popularity of Planet Hulk.


Iron Man: I am Iron Man TPB

Back in 2008 Walmart decided to include a special promotional comic in one of its Iron Man DVDs.  That comic just happens to be the first appearance of  Fan Favorite Agent Coulson.  There’s another problem.  It is impossible to locate a copy and the ones I have found are in horrible condition.  If you want to read Security Measures the only place to own it in print is in this forgotten trade.


Eternal Warrior 8

Have you been reading Archer and Armstrong?   Trust me when I say it’s worth a read and so is issue 1 of Ivar the  Timewalker.  This is his first appearance.


Sleepwalker 8 ( JC Penny Reprint )

I cannot believe the recent hype for Sleepwalker.  He was referenced in BH6 an now he is slated to play an important role in the end of the Ultimate Universe!   But Sleepwalker already appeared in a film!  Issue 8 specifically was mistakenly used in the film True Romance.  This is the JC Penny Reprint and it is rare!


Notable Sleepwalker Comics: Issue 1 ( newsstand, high grade only ), Marvel Age 100, Sleepwalker 31,32,33



Comic Broker Report – November 2013

Speculation runs rampant this week!  In today’s comic collecting world the TV/Film adaptation is king. If it’s rumored to be optioned or developed the online market can heat up quick ( see Alias #1 on Ebay ).

Iron Man 17 ( 1:100 Sketch Variant )


The reaction to Iron Man’s tweaked origin has been met with mixed reviews. Either way this book should prove to be key down the road especially if Marvel brings back a particular Iron Man from the near future.

The Avenger Magazine 1-24  Shadow Comics 2


The CW looks to option everything they can. This long forgotten Pulp hero has some interesting powers and could make for an intriguing show.  Issues of the original series and appearances from Shadow Comics are very rare in any condition.

Batman Noel


Lee Bermejo’s over-sized GN is a good read and worth a look for any Batman fan. As rumors continue to pile up concerning the upcoming Superman Batman film collector’s are already starting to scramble for key comics. If you are wondering what Affleck’s Batman is going to look like this design is currently the frontrunner.

New Avengers 10 & Infinity 4 1:150 Variant

Infinity_4_CoverVariantStegmannew avengers 10 first thane

Thanos has a son and that means a first appearance that’s likely worth tracking down. Like Kamal Khan we won’t know for some time if he will spark the  interest of collectors but it’s a good bet. These days most things Thanos related are doing well ( See Avengers 157! )

Uber 1/2 ( Bleeding Cool Magazine )


As much as I dislike this series one cannot deny it’s popularity amongst collectors. In the tradition of Wizard Magazine this 1/2 issue should appeal to many. Only available in the print publication of BC it’s going to be hard to come by.

Infinity Inc 20,21 ( Hourman 2 )

As stated above comic studio options are the flavor of the month but Hourman? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy when almost any comic makes the leap to the screen but there are definitely more deserving characters. The other question is which Hourman will they use? The first appearance of the original Hourman is pricey but if they use his son these will rise fast.

Clint 8


Last month I mentioned Who is Jake Ellis? and it’s impending adaptation.  The regular series issues will be tough to find so go and buy this over-sized reprint of the same title. It’s rare only available in this size here and a highly enjoyable read that features other impressive comics from Mark Millar!

Tales of the Teen Titans 44


Here’s a George Perez classic that’s already hot on the back issue market! Featuring the first appearance of Dick Grayson as Nightwing, this comics is sure to remain a highly sought after  issue for years to come. Like Batman Noel, if rumor’s of Nightwing’s inclusion in the next film are true this one will become the hottest comic in some time.

Green Lantern 21 Sketch variant ( first Relic )


When someone like Geoff Johns leaves a title like GL there is sure to be some fall off in readership but if you have been missing the latest event you should be ashamed of yourself. Relic and his quest to extinguish lantern light has been a fresh and original read, something hard to come by from DC these days. (excluding Batman and anything by Jeff Lemire)

Alias 1, Amazing Spider-Man 4, Amazing Spider-Man 601

Alias_Vol_1_1 background

Technically Alias 1 is the first appearance of Jessica Jones until Marvel retconned her via flashback in AMS 601 making her first appearance in AMS vol. 1 issue 4.

With a Netfix series on the way look for her appearances to increase in value.

House of Mystery Annual 1 ( 2009 )


Mike Allred’s izombie has also been optioned for TV. This one might just be the sleeper of the month! It’s hard to come by and filled with great stories from other outstanding creators.




Incredible Hulk 178 ( first appearance of the infinity gems )


Here’s a rumor that actually may prove to be right.  Thanks Benicio Del Toro!



So Ben Affleck isn’t just the Caped Crusader, he’s also getting into the adaptation of wonderful espionage comics!  Sleeper is one of Brubaker’s best.  Look for these to blow up soon:

Point Blank 3: First Carver

Sleeper 1

WildC.A.T.S. 21: First Tao

Point_Blank_3 index27050_20060303155337_large


Hollywood Stuntman Paul Lacovara

Paul Lacovara is a premiere Hollywood Stunt Performer. His resume is very extensive and many will recognize the films Mr. Lacovara has worked in. He was kind enough to grant InvestComics an Interview.

Hello Paul, first let me thank you for taking the time to come on to InvestComics so that comic book fans can learn more about your craft. You perform stunt work in the Avengers movie coming out this May, but more on that later…..we hope!

Jay Katz: So Paul, the first oblivious question(s)here would have to be, Where are you from and when did you first realize you wanted to be a stunt performer?

Paul Lacovara: I was born on the Central Coast of California in the city of San Luis Obispo and was raised on the outskirts in a town called Los Osos. I always wanted to be in the industry and actually wanted to be an actor first, but found out that I am better with the physical side of things rather than remembering dialogue. I finally came to the realization that I wanted to be a stuntman when I was working on the movie We Were Soldiers. I started as an extra but got a day of stunts and fell in love with action right away.

JK: How long have you been doing this line of work?

P.L. I started pursuing stunts about ten years ago but have really been working steadily for the past six or seven years.

JK: You have an extensive resume to say the least, have you ever taken the role as the guy that doesn’t put himself in harm’s way, well better said, as an “actor”? Or would you just prefer the dangerous game of stunting?

P.L. I would love to be an actor, but I think I would really need to put stunts on hold and start studying the craft of acting in order to be successful. I’ve had a few acting parts here and there but only minor roles. If I were to make that transition, I think I would really miss the action as well as the comradery between the stunt players and myself. I also think I wouldn’t get as big of a rush from delivering a good size monologue as I do a good rough and tumble fight scene, getting thrown thirty feet through the air, or jumping a car.

JK: In all the years you have been performing, did you ever have a time that you just don’t feel comfortable with a particular spot and if so, how would someone of your profession handle that?

P.L. There haven’t been too many times where I have been uncomfortable with a particular spot. If I do have concerns, I talk with my stunt coordinator or fellow stuntmen to see what they think, and we end up working it out. If there is a spot where a stuntman is totally uncomfortable with the action, it might mean he/she shouldn’t be there and someone else should be doing it. We don’t accept jobs where we aren’t qualified. If so, that is a good way to end a career; either by word of mouth or actually getting hurt.

JK: Do you have fear in your line of work or do you have to basically have a block?

P.L. I wouldn’t say I am fearful when I go to work, but at times we may get nervous because there can be a lot of pressure that comes with executing the stunt properly. Or sometimes you know you are going to get absolutely wrecked in the stunt and it is going to hurt, but that’s what you sign up for and sometimes you just gotta throw down and go for it. I think as stunt performers, we get an adrenaline rush whereas the average person would become fearful.

JK: You have a family, what would you say if your wife or child decided that they too wanted to do your line of work? Is it like having your tattoo in the sense that; “well you can do it….”

P.L. I am not sure if I want my son to get in to the business or not. I used to think, “Of course he’ll be a stuntman, what else is there!?” but that was
early on in my career, and before I actually had a son. Now that my boy is two years old and is the one, besides my wife, who gives meaning to my life, I don’t know if I want him risking his life just so someone can sit in a theater and say, “Oh that was cool!” I want him to do whatever makes him happy. If that means being a stuntman, then I will fully support him and teach him everything I know. I think many children of stuntmen don’t have a choice. –By that, I mean that the kid sees that Daddy has a really cool job, makes a good amount of money doing it, and the kid may go to set with his Dad here and there, and before he knows it, stunts just becomes a way of life. It’s kind of a natural progression to form a career as a stuntman if a family member is already successful. It is almost like they are raised in the business whether they like it or not. –That being said, my kid will probably be a stuntman.

JK: Being a stunt person requires to be in tremendous physical shape. Do you practice the martial arts as part of your training to perform on your job?

P.L. Martial arts has always been a part of my life. I remember my dad teaching me how to correctly throw punches in the backyard when I was about five years old, and since then, some form of martial arts has constantly been beckoning me. I always trained off and on, and when I got into this business is when I finally became dedicated to my training and earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I also think it is important to not get tied into one form of training though, so I am always trying to mix it up with different disciplines.

JK: I noticed you are a UFC fan. Do you have a favorite fighter and why?

P.L. I think Chuck Liddell is one of my favorite guys because we are from the same town (San Luis Obispo) and we actually used to know each other when I was a bartender. Most recently I found myself favoring GSP, simply because he is so well rounded and has just been unstoppable.

JK: As said before, your resume is ridiculous. Movies you’ve worked in include Pirates of the Caribbean 4, The Green Hornet, Hulk, Thor, Paranormal Activity 2, Transformers 1,2, and 3, just to name a few. The one stand out I wanted to ask about is the Star Trek movie where you earned a Screen Actors Guild Award. What was that like for you to win such a prestigious award?

P.L. For the record, I didn’t work on Transformers 3. I got called for it, but it didn’t work out in the end. As for Star Trek, I am proud of being part of such a great project and such a phenomenal stunt team. There were so many talented individuals on that show and I was happy to just be part of it and work with such wonderful people. There are quite a few of us in this industry who have won a SAG Award and it’s nice for the stunt department to get a little recognition.  Most of the general public doesn’t realize we even exist. In fact, some of the other award committees seem to forget we exist at all, but it is nice for SAG, our union, to realize we are such an integral part of the movie making process. Without us, you simply can’t have an action film. How interesting it is for us to risk our lives when making a movie or television show and barely get a nod when it comes to award season. We aren’t in it for the award; that’s not what we are about. But it is nice to get it, nonetheless. Also, how boring would it be to just watch drama after drama, after drama!!! Thank God for the stunt department!

JK: Some of your movies fall within or right at the feet of the comic book entertainment genre. Are you a comic book fan?

P.L. I haven’t always been a comic book fan, but since the entertainment industry has been moving that direction, I can say I am definitely more into it than ever before.

JK: What superhero movie would you like to see come to the big screen? Why?

P.L. Ya know, as long as Loki is there to defeat that superhero or be a part of the team, I couldn’t care less who comes to the big screen (laughing). Team Loki all the way!






JK: Your body of work extends to television as well, CSI: New York, Alias, CSI: Miami, Bones, Scrubs, etc is there a difference as far as your approach for television or is the same every time you go out?

P.L. My approach to my job is the same whether it’s for television or features. I train hard and come to work prepared no matter the size of the project. I am always ready to throw down and help the stunt team be as successful as possible.

JK: Do you have aspirations of getting behind the camera one day as a full time director?

P.L. I would definitely like to get behind the camera more. I have been doubling many of the leading actors, making a decent living, and am now ready for a bit more. Most recently I’ve been focusing quite a bit on coordinating and as my career evolves, would like to eventually make my way into second unit directing, which will allow for more expression of creativity and innovation.

JK: You have a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Minors in Geography & Anthropology.That’s impressive. Ever going to use that?

P.L. While I don’t think I will ever go into any of those fields professionally, I do use sociology every day. I am always studying how people interact with each other and find the behavior of people within their society very interesting. I also think everyone should study anthropology. It just makes sense of our evolution and existence on this planet. I could expand more, but that’s another interview in and of itself!

JK: Okay so you worked in this movie that has the entire comic book world buzzing. The buzz became heighten during the Superbowl when Marvel aired a new trailer. This movie looks Spectacular! Of course we’re talking Avengers here. Now knowing that you are bound by the confidentiality waiver they make you sign, but can you give us a little bit of insight?

P.L. Oh man! I wish I could give you some insight!  All I can say is that I am so proud to be a part of this movie! Not only is it such a great ensemble of thespians but also such a great collaboration of stunt professionals. There is such a huge amount of action in this movie and we have some of the industry’s best actors; with those two combined, I really think this is going to be one of the best comic book films/action movies of all time! No matter what movie comes next, The Avengers is always going to rank at the top!

JK: So what’s after the Avengers movie that we can all watch in awe over you?

P.L. You’re too kind! I wrapped filming on R.I.P.D. a few weeks ago where I doubled Ryan Reynolds and that will be coming out in 2013. It’s  another big action movie and should be a big hit! Since then, I have worked on a couple commercials for Target and Dr. Pepper 10. Those should be out in the next month or so.

JK: Attached to this interview is a You Tube video with various stunts that you have performed. Is there any place else fans can see Paul Lacovara or keep up with your work?

P.L. That video is my old stunt reel. It’s a bit dated and I will be getting another one out soon. I think it will be a bit shorter and more action packed with some recent footage. The best place to keep up with my work is probably I don’t do twitter or anything like that, but keep my resume on fairly current.


Jay Katz: Thank you so much Paul, we look forward to seeing you in the Avengers movie! Continued success, and be safe!

P.L. Thank YOU so much and hopefully we’ll be talking again in the near future!