Comic Broker – January 2015 (part 2)

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 2 ( Sealed )

There have been some rumblings over at Fox concerning the return of The X-Files starring the original investigating team.  If that happens the original series will start to get hot.  At one time the early issues of the Topps series were quite valuable.  Also I  have mentioned this SW mag  before.  Now is the time to buy cheap!


Notable issues: Hero illustrated 22 ( sealed only ) contains X-Files -1, X-Files Comic Digest December 1995 Photo Variant, X-Files 1,2,40 a & b,41 a & b

Alias 24

The Purple Man will be coming to TV.  His first appearance is in a pretty expensive comic but his first appearance is Alias is quite easy to find and that is probably where he will show up first.


Daredevil 4 ( First appearance of the Purple Man )


The Incredible Hulk 100 ( Second appearance of Amadeus Cho )

Callsheet 66 puts a Doctor Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Is he still the seventh smartest person on Earth?  If so Amazing Fantasy Volume 2 #15 is going to blow up.  The reason I have yet to mention it?  It’s already been hyped for a while and collectors have been holding for some time.  Below is his second appearance and this comic is hard to find because of the popularity of Planet Hulk.


Iron Man: I am Iron Man TPB

Back in 2008 Walmart decided to include a special promotional comic in one of its Iron Man DVDs.  That comic just happens to be the first appearance of  Fan Favorite Agent Coulson.  There’s another problem.  It is impossible to locate a copy and the ones I have found are in horrible condition.  If you want to read Security Measures the only place to own it in print is in this forgotten trade.


Eternal Warrior 8

Have you been reading Archer and Armstrong?   Trust me when I say it’s worth a read and so is issue 1 of Ivar the  Timewalker.  This is his first appearance.


Sleepwalker 8 ( JC Penny Reprint )

I cannot believe the recent hype for Sleepwalker.  He was referenced in BH6 an now he is slated to play an important role in the end of the Ultimate Universe!   But Sleepwalker already appeared in a film!  Issue 8 specifically was mistakenly used in the film True Romance.  This is the JC Penny Reprint and it is rare!


Notable Sleepwalker Comics: Issue 1 ( newsstand, high grade only ), Marvel Age 100, Sleepwalker 31,32,33



8 thoughts on “Comic Broker – January 2015 (part 2)

  1. Happy 2015 Topher! Great info as usual so here’s my question….what is the actual name of the Walmart Iron Man Promo please? I have the Iron Man/Hulk/Nick Fury issue and Battle Scars 1 and 6, but which is the OFFICIAL first appearance of Agent Coulson I should truly care about? Which one does MARVEL claim is his first appearance?

    1. I know that the name of the comic is Security Measures. I do not know what Marvel Wiki says but even they have been known to be wrong. Here is my research:
      Iron Man DVD promo 2008-First Couslon in a comic
      Iron Man/Fury/Hulk-2009 Second Coulson
      Iron Man 2 Agents of Shield 1-first Coulson on cover of a comic ( he might be on the cover of Security Measures in shadow but that cannot be proven )
      Fear itself 7-First Nick Fury Jr.
      Battle Scars 1-first Coulson as Cheese in the mainstream Marvel U
      Battle Scars 6-First Coulson named in mainstream marvel u

      thanks for reading!

  2. Mavel Wiki has their share of errors indeed! Now, this Iron Man DVD, I think I found it sealed but it shows on the cover ” Digital Comics ” included. Is this what should be collected even though his appearance is not in a physical book? If so then wouldn’t his second appearance actually be his first for print? I’ll get it anyway but I just want to make sure. What are your thoughts?

    1. Can verify. I own a NM copy of the original Security Measures mini-comic. WalMart put out two separate special editions — the more common “Family Pack” had a digital edition of the comic and the rarer “Fan Pack” contained an actual comic. Impossible to find and few collectors even know this issue exists.

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