InvestComics at ComiConn 2014!

Here are a few pictures from the VP of InvestComics Rafael Rosario. The show has been “packed” as Rafael says. Looks like a fun time at ComiConn 2014 this year!

Check out some pictures below with LOTS MORE on the InvestComics Instagram page! …..And cool Press Badge!

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InvestComics Hot Picks #333

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InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 8/20/14

IMG_0956InvestComics is at the ComiCONN in Connecticut this weekend. You should really hop on over to the InvestComics Instagram to check out the very cool images from the show. There is some awesome cosplay and so much more. Look for more pics to appear on the actual InvestComics site later. Special thanks goes out to the InvestComics VP Rafael Rosario (@ratchetcitycomics) for holding up the fort at the show.  His north east coverage this year has been outstanding.

Next stop; Baltimore Con and the New York Comic Con. We’re looking forward to those!

Not much in the way of the speculation market this week, but plenty of new reads. Now is a good time to get your inventory in order and look for those back issues you have been putting off. But, we can start fun speculation mayhem if you’d want to be a part of it! Details below……!

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The spec market possibly turns your two purchases of $3.50 and $3.99 into the black with Fade Out (2014 Image) #1 and  Delinquents (2014 Valiant) #1. Fade Out #1 is already sold out as I knew it would be. It’s a new story written by the awesome Ed Brubaker told in the noir style genre. Image Comics and Mr. Brubaker are possibly doing some foreshadowing with the release of the Fade Out #1 movie magazine sized variant, which also happens to be sold out. What does this all mean really? Nothing if the story doesn’t hold up or we get delays with the issue releases. Otherwise, there will be a quick spike in the aftermarket with this title. The magazine variant is an odd approach though. Will comic speculators embrace it? We will see. As for Delinquents #1, Valiant may have a home run on their hands here. The wildly popular Quantum and Woody team up with Archer and Armstrong. The comic right now is showing some nice sales and will eventually sell out. However, with that said, the new Valiant comics aren’t really a high priced turnover marketable seller. Maybe this comic will be a part of the scarce few that have made a bump in the aftermarket. A nice $50 variant sits out there. A big risk for the speculator here. The only way to possibly make a turnover on this comic would be to get it signature series graded. It must pull a 9.8 or higher to make any sort of money here. A higher risk than I personally would take. So the Fade Out #1 from Image Comics would be the better buy of the two here by a large margin. Do know this though; Delinquents #1 will be a stellar read.

Enormous from 215 Ink continues to do well. Enormous (2014) Ongoing #3 is sold out. That makes three sell outs in a row.

Little Nemo Return to Slumberland (2014 IDW) #1 looks like a winner from IDW as does Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew (2014) #1 from Cosmic Times.

Here are the rest you should check out at your local comic shop this week; Dark Horse Presents (2014 3rd Series) #1, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 IDW) Annual #1, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman (2014) #1, Super Secret Crisis War Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2014) #1, and Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 (2014 Dynamite) #1.

The_New_Teen_Titans_16….And then there is Multiversity (2014 DC) #1. Legend Grant Morrison is at the helm here, teaming up with the top artist in the industry to bring us “the biggest adventure in DC history”.  While I personally was never a big fan of the convoluted superheroes from different universes within the Multiverse; Superman Earth 23, or Flash Earth 18, or Earth this or that, I can’t help but to peg one character that peeks my interest in this new comic. Captain Carrot. Yes that’s right. Supposedly Captain Carrot will get a makeover as we’d never expect. That to me sounds like fun! Not the bazillion different confusing heroes from all of these various places, but Captain Carrot! Let’s get the buzz going with The New Teen Titans #16 (1982), the first appearance of Captain Carrot written by legend Roy Thomas. Let the world know that InvestComics started the momentum, the demand for The New Teen Titans #16 and that we want more Captain Carrot!

Invest wisely.

As I end each and every week with the words “Carpe Diem”, condolences to the Robin Williams family. Even the ever growing and popular InvestComics Facebook Group page was named “Investing in Comic books 101 (IC Poet Society)”.  You were an obvious influence. You will be missed.

Jay Katz

Promoter of Connecticut ComiConn

InvestComics was granted press access to the Connecticut ComiCONN on August 15th-17th 2014. We are excited to attend this creator/star studded show. We caught up with the promoter Mitchell Hallock. Mitchell gave us a few minutes out of his busy schedule and we appreciate it!

Be sure to check out the Connecticut ComiCONN Facebook page right HERE for the latest additions to this already packed show. And go to the website to purchase tickets right HERE.

Jay Katz: The Connecticut ComiCONN this year looks like a big one. We’ll get into who’s going to be there in a minute, but how did you aspire to promote a comic book show?

ConneticutComiConn (2)Mitchell Hallock: It’s actually quite simple — I have loved comics since my Dad gave me my first Batman book when I was 4, that was 43 years ago! I was in love with them from the start. Gathered up about 25,000 over the years and would seek out any con around, but there was the problem. The last good size con in Connecticut was the early 1980s. So when the thought of doing a new and bigger one came around — it began anew. From 1 day hotel shows in 2010, to our new 3 day arena show this August 15-17 at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT.

(JK): How long has ComiCONN been around?

(MH): May 15, 2010 was the very first show at the North Haven Holiday Inn. So this will be our 5th annual show this year.

(JK): Did you ever dream it would be as large as it is? And what one guest(s) would you love to have at the show that you have yet to land?

(MH): Yes, I actually did see it growing. The proof was during Hurricane Irene in 2011, when more than 1200 fans braved a storm, closed highways, ferry and train and made it to the show. I said imagine if the weather was good….since then it has been and the crowds went from 3,000 to 6,000 for the 1 day event every August at a hotel.
My dream guest would be Harrison Ford – but that would never happen in a million years. The other one closer to reality is Stan Lee… so I better hurry up!

ConneticutComiConn (3)(JK): Speaking of guest! Who are some of your guest of honor?

(MH): This year we have several great guests filling that role – the art legends of George Perez, Neal Adams and a newcomer — David Finch fresh off the DC Comic hit book “Forever Evil”. We will also have greats like Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Klaus Janson, Denny O’Neil, Keith Giffen and others. As we are staying true to the idea of a con about “COMICS”.

(JK): The show is in August, can we expect to see more names added to this list?

(MH): Oh yes, I don’t want to show all my surprises too early. There are more comic greats coming to the show – artists mostly. And I have thrown in a few media guests like the Greatest American Hero, actor, William Katt and from The movies The Crow and Ghostbusters , Ray Park, Nicholas Brendon, SHIELD/HYDRA Agent Jasper Sitwell – or rather the actor who plays him on TV and the marvel movies – Maximiliano Hernandez. As we speak I am talking with a few other big comic actors. So stay tuned.

(JK): Do you encourage cosplayer’s to attend?

ConneticutComiConn (1)(MH): Absolutely! That has always been a HUGE [part of our show – kids and adults love seeing their costumed heroes in the flesh and the cosplayers NEVER disappoint! From 66 Batman to the modern Dark Knight, Poison Ivy to Mr. T, Iron Man to the Fantastic Four I have seen some amazing cosplayers and I cannot wait to see this year’s!

(JK): What is the one takeaway you hope visitors take with them after they leave your show?

(MH): That they had one hell of a great time at a great price — it’s all about value – this is not a “big city” wait in line all day show – or a money grab – it’s about getting together with like-minded friends, creators and fans and all sharing in the love of COMICS! ’nuff said!

Thank you Mitchell. InvestComics will see you there!

Go now to the Connecticut ComiCONN website now to purchase tickets!

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