Comic Broker Report – Undervalued Moderns Special

The market can be slow to reflect the value of certain issues.  This can happen for many reasons.  Each month I try to give readers the opportunity to get in on a sleeper well before the market catches up.  Though I am not always right I try to select comics that are worth collecting even if you might never make a penny on the fast flip.  I have featured some of these comics in the past.  They make this list because they remain largely unknown to the collecting community.


Batman Volume 1 Issue 656


If you are looking for Damian Wayne’s first full appearance then here ya go!  Issue 655 along with its variant and other printings are often the ones collectors want but they only feature Batman’s son in shadows.  This issue is where we get to see the league trained badass for the first time!

Iron Man,Incredible Hulk,Nick Fury       Iron Man 2: Agents of Shield ( second appearance )

images Iron_Man_2_Agents_of_S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s odd to me that Agent Coulson’s first appearance is so undervalued.  It’s pretty tough to find and features a character that is loved by most Marvel fans.  With Agents of SHIELD getting better with each episode I hope these two comics see significant increases in value.

Battle Scars 1,6

Battle_Scars_Vol_1_1 background

So if you don’t appreciate Coulson’s first actual appearance in a comic then you can pick up these two which feature his first appearance ( and named appearance ) in the regular Marvel Universe.

Th Invincible Iron Man ( 2008 ) 10,11

160951_20090130192741_large 161377_20120421132025_thumb 164423_20110703121943_large 164429_20120421132352_thumb 167473_20120421132609_thumbyhst-16722662390539_2253_2231834869

Ok there are a ton of these to hunt down.  Why?  Well recently the actor who voiced Iron Man’s A.I.  J.A.R.V.I.S. told us he’s playing the Vision.  This means that the A.I. that Stark created is becoming one of the most popular Avengers in the next film.  The Vision first appeared in Avengers 57 and it highly valued.  But as the film version will be bringing the Stark A.I. to life as an android,  these comics should be worth a lot more than the currently are.  Issue 10 features the first appearance of the RESCUE armor, made for Pepper Potts by Tony.  In Issue 11 we learn that the A.I. system in her armor is the J.A.R.V.I.S intelligence!  That makes these issues the first comic appearance of the intelligence system which will become the Vision in Avengers 2.  So far the hardest issues to find are the second print for issue 10.  This us due to the first cover for RESCUE.  Issue 10 has variants, the hardest one to find being the secret retailer variant.  The only way to tell is a barcode variation pictured above!

Elektra Assassin 2


Ok I admit I am a huge Bill Paxton fan.

Once we learned that his character on A.O.S. was secretly a Hydra agent this book should have seen some market action.  It has a wonderful cover and is written by an industry great.

Action Comics 471


Despite many who were disappointing by the Man of Steel I have come to realize that it is a very good film.  Russel Crow actually steals it along with Zod’s top soldier Faora who first appears  in this issue of Action Comics.

Supernaturals 4


It’s still amazing to me that Groot is coming to a theater near you in August.  For a character with less that 5 pre Copper Age appearances it just seems insane that an Alien like this is being thrust into the mainstream. To my knowledge this issue is his first appearance in the modern age.  This series inserted masks into the issues and I believe the ones with the Ghost Rider mask are the hardest to find.

Chuck Norris  and the Karate Kommandos 1


First appearance of this legend is all you need to know.

Captain America 208, first appearance of Arnim Zola


If you geeked out as much as me with Zola’s incredible appearance in the Winter Soldier then I applaud your love of insanely twisted comic villains!




Comic Broker Report – January 2014

2014 is here and that means a lot of people have Holiday money to burn.  Now is the time to sell if your a speculator.  This mostly applies to over-hyped image books, Marvel and DC variants and comics connected to upcoming film and TV projects.

My new year’s  checklist:

10. Re-bag and board my whole collection.

9. Watch Bladerunner once each month.

8.  Buy a Lying Cat T-Shirt for the wife.

7.  Vacation to Colorado.

6.  Buy every copy of Teen Titans 44 I see under 5$

5.  Steal this,


4.  Build a functioning puppet.

3.  Find or knit a Tanooki Suit for my son.

2. Sell all walking Dead Comics I own

1.  Buy all Sandman comics I NEED.


 This months suggestions:


What if 33 X-Men Annual 1 ( 200 1 ),  X-Men 4 


Collecting first appearances of major villains is one thing comic aficionados love to do.  The 90’s didn’t produce a plethora of memorable characters though.  Omega Red is one that stands out.  The only problem-his first appearance, X-Men 4, was massively over-printed.  It’s still a good bet long term if you can get the newsstand edition graded 9.8 or better.  Funny thing though-he also appearance in these other two comics in the same month. Look to find newsstand editions of them as well.

Marvel Age 97


I’m not sure if you know this but there is a secret legion of Darkhawk fans out there. The most sought after appearances are the venom issues and the later issues due to low print runs.  Issue one is also prized in cgc 9.8 or better because it is believed to be his first appearance.  But it is not, this is!

Uncanny X-Men 221


Mentioning again…

X-Factor 5,6 have lead to speculation on the X-films of the future.  Get your copies of X-Factor 24 and Mr. Sinister’s first appearance before it’s too late!

Note:  The Mark Jeweler for this is quite rare.

Iron Man 223 ( First Blizzard )


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has grown with each episode and if fans can be patient it may turn out to be the cornerstone of Marvel’s Movie and TV universe.  Blizzard may be a second rate Marvel villain but his introduction on the show should spark interest in his debut.

Tales of Suspense 75 ( first appearance Sharon Carter )


The last time I mentioned this was in regards to Batroc,  now with a possible Sharon Carter show in the works it has become a comic worth owning for multiple reasons.

47 Ronin 1-5 ( Dark Horse )


Film adaptations often lead to sales spikes in the shark infested waters of Ebay.  In this case the film stars one of the worse actors in history and has received less than stellar early reviews.  Sell em if ya got em.

Marvel Age 20


This issue of Marvel age predates Secret Wars 8 thus making it an earlier appearance of Spidey’s black costume on a cover.

Man of Steel 17


Soon enough folks are going  realize that the Doomsday appearance to own is right here!

The Amazing Spider-Man 256


Can a movie handle this many villains?  Adding the Puma seems like a strange idea but so was the prospect of Blade film and we know how that turned out!

Foom 2


Ok I cannot take any credit for this discovery but it looks like Wolverine may have appeared prior to Hulk 180 and was also created by someone else.  Marvel used this fan Magazine to poach ideas from kids using contests they created.  At this point three Marvel characters have appeared from these contests.











Comic Broker Report – October 2013

The slow market continues…

Here are ten tips for October:

1.  Do not invest heavily in DC 3D covers.

2.  If you find new 52 Batman issues in high grade at cheap prices buy and flip for decent money.

3.  Invest in Harley Quinn.

4.  Do not rent, purchase or recommend this film:  The Colony

5.  Eat at Dell Taco if possible.

6.  Convince your girlfriend or wife to dress as Mother Russia this Halloween!

7.  Give Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. your support.  It will only help more comic               properties get developed.

8.  Do not care what the fox says.

9.   Support my Kickstarter for Halloween candy is the shapes of razorblades, syringes, pocket knives, prescription medication  etc.

10.  Play Farcry 3: Blood Dragon if you have not already done so.


These are the comics I am recommending this month.


Letter 44 1 SDCC Variant


Charles Soule and  Alberto Alburquerque’s sci-fi series from  Oni Press released this SDCC convention exclusive of Letter 44  issue 1 prior to the October regular issue.  If you are looking for the next big thing here it is.

Also check out this press kit from Oni!

Marvel Two-in-One 42


Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered this week and the ratings were huge.  Reviews are mixed but most can agree that Agent Coulson stole the show.  Writers have set up some intriguing mysteries surrounding familiar Marvel storylines.  If  the Journey into Mystery name drop got you exited then so will Project Pegasus!

Ghost Projekt 1


Here’s one I may have missed the boat on!  A possible TV adaptation in the works usually meant back issue heat and in this case it’s an inferno.  Mini series don’t see the kind of price gains that regular running series often do but when big studios are involved and the printing is low few things can halt the frenzy.

The Avengers 158 ( first Graviton )


Is he Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s  first super villain?  Buy this issue just in case!


Star Wars film speculation is only going to intensify each second we get closer to the new films from Disney.  The current rumors still center around Solo’s twins and if you read my articles you know right where to go for their first appearance.  Here are some of my favorites!

Star Wars 10 ( first Darth Krayt )

Star Wars 10 ( first Darth Krayt )

Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones #3 ( first Count Dooku )

Star Wars Ep 2 Attack Cones 3 ( first Dooku )

Star Wars: Jango Fett Open Season ( first Tor Vizsla )

Star Wars Jango Fett Open Season 1 First Tor Vizsla

 Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children

Have you seen A Blue Valentine or A Place Beyond the Pines?  Both films were critical successes and now the director is set to adapt what?  If you remember this twisted series from DC look for prices to jump real soon.  The keys are very hard to come by.  ( issue 13 has part 2 and is still cheap online )


Journey into Mystery 102 ( first Sif )


Sif looks to have a much larger role in the upcoming film and that’s definitely a good thing.  Nothing should make fans happier than expanded character development for Thor’s supporting cast.



An NBC show in the works =back issue raids across the country.  Swamp Thing 37 is still pricey but other early issue can be found for small money.

Swamp Thing  37, Crisis 4,  38


Justice League Dark 1



Constantine 1  1:25 Variant

Cover is by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.


New Teen Titans 22 ( Early John Constantine )



Journey into Mystery 103 ( first appearance Amora/Enchantress )


Rumors are swirling already  for Thor 3’s nemesis!







Who is Jake Ellis?  Personally I don’t care but with movie speculation being what it is look for this rare series just not Online.  Issues have been swallowed up.



Comic Broker Report – September 2013

It ‘s the end of the summer and safe to say that the market has cooled off.  This time of year is always tough as kids prepare to go back to school and parents buy pencils and paste rather than drop hundreds on 3D variants and other nonsense.  I would go on and on about the limited investment viability of such things but Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman!  Fans are seething but I love it.  Affleck has remade himself as a director and shown that he is a humble, competent actor.  With Zack Snyder having met with Frank Miller and the obvious age difference between Superman and Batman is it possible that a DKR might get made?  I doubt it but we all can hope.


Iron Man/Hulk/Fury


So in the past I have made my thoughts clear on Agent Coulson.  The new show starts soon and if it’s good I expect this fan favorite character’s limited comic appearances to increase in value. At this point both Battle Scars 1,6 and Iron Man: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2 are NOT his first appearance in comics.  This forgotten issue from 2009 now has that honor.

Transformers 4 ( First Dinobots)


Transformers 4 is called Age of Extinction?  Looks like Grimlock and his buds might see a screen treatment.  As they are some of the more popular Autobots expect their first to get chewed up by speculators.

Amazing Spider-Man 344


Could Carnage ever make it into Sony’s Spidey plans?  There have been some rumors.  As we all know ASM 361 ( first and second print ) are key, but the first appearance of the man under the symbiotic alien was in this forgettable issue.

The Invincible Iron Man 10 ( all versions ) 11 & 11 second print


The J.A.R.V.I.S. AI is one of the best parts of the Iron Man trilogy and now that we know Ultron is the Avenger 2 villain and that there are no plans to adapt his comic origin, it is quite a big guess as to what the metallic monster’s origin will be.  Some believe that J.A.R.V.I.S. will be central to the storyline.  If it’s true his first comic appearance is in issue 10 ( as Rescue ).  He then makes himself known to Pepper Potts when she wears the Rescue armor for the first time at the beginning of issue 11.  It’s a long shot but one never knows….

NFL Rush Zone FCBD


Ever heard of Skyward?  Internet sales of issue one variants have breached the 100 dollar mark.  Even the regular covers have low print runs.  A kids comic this good is rare and worth the investment.   Action Labs previewed it in the 2013 NFL Rush Zone FCBD issue making it the first Football comic worth anything.

Ame Comi ( vol.1 Issues 2,3 )


In the past few decades only a few characters have become so popular that they generate a frenzy amongst collectors.  Go to any convention and you will see that Deadpool and Harley Quinn often receive the most cosplay.  The characters people love to dress up as illustrates massive fan bases that cannot be ignored.  As a result, a heavily overprinted comic  like New Mutants 98 can sustain ungraded sales of 75 or more.

The Ame Comi version of Duela Dent is fast becoming a favorite amongst girls who cosplay.  DC would be smart to recognize this and integrate her into the mainstream DCU.  Instead we have been given the Joker’s Daughter who may or may not be Duela.  There are many versions of the character but the steampunk version from these comics is the most admired.