Number One Comics – November 2017

Here is a recap of all the number one comics covered from the InvestComics Hot Picks during the month of November. As always, click on the comic cover/images or RED links to buy/bid any of the comics from ALL available Ebay sellers.

Deadman #1 – Neal Adams
Jetsons #1 – Jimmy Palmiotti & Pier Brito
The Gravediggers Union #1 – Wesley Craig, Toby Cypress and Niko Guardia
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast #1 – Llexi Leon, Ed Edginton and Kevin J West
Port of Earth #1 – Zachary Kaplan and Andrea Mutti

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Buy/Bid – Gravediggers #1

Buy/Bid – Jetsons #1

Buy/Bid – Port Of Earth #1

Buy/Bid – Iron Man #1








Star Wars Adventures #1 – John Layman, Jim Zub, Eric Jones and Derek Charm
Coyotes #1 – Sean Lewis and Caitlin Yarsky
Kong on The Planet of the Apes #1 – Ryan Ferrier and Carlos Magno
The Harcourt Legacy #1 – Brendan Cahill and Jason Federhenn
Fallen Suns #1 – Van Jensen, Leila Del Duca and Neil Collyer

Buy/Bid – Star Wars Adv #1

Buy/Bid – Kong #1

Buy/Bid – Fallen Suns #1

Buy/Bid – Coyotes #1

Buy/Bid – Harcourt Legacy #1








The Batman Who Laughs #1 – James Tynion IV and Riley Rossmo
Not Brand Echh #1 – Nick Spencer, Jay Fosgitt, Christopher Hastings, Jay Fosgitt and Gurihiru
Evolution #1 – Joshua Williamson, Christopher Sebela, Joe Keatinge, James Asmus, Joe Infurnari and Jordan Boyd
Dark Fang #1 – Miles Gunter and Kelsey Shannon
Ninja-K #1 – Christos Gage and Tomas Giorello

Buy/Bid – Batman Laughs #1

Buy/Bid – Not Brand #1

Buy/Bid – Evolution #1

Buy/Bid – Dark Fang #1

Buy/Bid – Ninja-K #1








Brilliant Trash #1 – Tim Seeley and Priscilla Petraites
Sugar Boogarz #1 – Michael Duron
Doomsday Clock #1 – Geoff Johns and Gary Frank
Demon Hell Is Earth #1 –  Andrew Constant and Brad Walker
Imaginary Fiends #1 – Tim Seeley and Stephen Molnar

Buy/Bid – Brilliant #1

Buy/Bid – Sugar Boogarz #1

Buy/Bid – Doomsday Clock #1

Buy/Bid – Demon #1

Buy/Bid – Imaginary #1






Long Lost #1 – Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle
Betty & Veronica: Vixens #1 – Jamie L. Rotante and Eva Cabrera
Doppelgänger #1 – Jordan Hart and Emmanuel Xerx Javier
Maxwell’s Demons #1 – Denis Camp and Vittorio Astone
The Villain #1 – William Applegate (writer) and Mikael Bergkvist

Buy/Bid – Long Lost #1

Buy/Bid – Vixens #1

Buy/Bid – Doppelganger #1

Buy/Bid – Maxwell Demons #1

Buy/Bid – The Villain #1









Void Trip #1 – Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus
Apocalypse Girl #1 – El Torres and Ramiro Borrallo
Doctor Radar #1 – Noel Simsolo and Bezian
Happy Hour In America #1 – Tim Lane
New Talent Showcase 2017 #1 – Various

Buy/Bid – Void Trip #1

Buy/Bid – Apocalypse #1

Buy/Bid – Doctor Radar #1

Buy/Bid – America #1

Buy/Bid – New Talent #1








Super Sons Annual #1 – Peter J. Tomasi & Paul Pelletier
Batman Creature Of The Night #1 – Kurt Busiek and John Paul Leon
Justice League Of America Annual #1 – Kelley Jones and Steve Orlando
Mystik U #1 – Alisa Kwitney and Mike Norton
Darchon #1Wayward Sons #1Katrina #1 and Markipiler #1 – Red Giant Productions

Buy/Bid – Super Sons An #1

Buy/Bid – Mystik U #1

Buy/Bid – Batman Creature #1

Buy/Bid – JLA Annual #1

Buy/Bid – Markiplier #1








Labyrinth 2017 Special #1 – Various
Gravetrancers #1 – M.L. Miller and James Whynot
Chasing Hitler #1 and Duel Identity #1 – Red 5
Sword Of Ages #1 – Gabriel Rodriguez

Buy/Bid – Labyrinth #1

Buy/Bid – Sword of Ages #1

Buy/Bid – Chasing Hitler #1

Buy/Bid – Gravetrancers #1










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Top 5 Hot Picks #139

Every week before new comic book day, InvestComics provides our fans with the Top 5 Hot Picks for new comics coming out on Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. This week’s Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #502 and new comics coming this Wednesday 11/22/17.

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Thanos #13 –  Ever wonder what happens when Thanos gets all the chips in the middle of the table? “Thanos Wins” begins this Wednesday. Danny Cates writes and Geoff Shaw illustrates.
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #13 – This issue fast forward into the future, as we get to see and read all about Annie Parker as a high school student. Annie is Peter and Mary’s kid….just in case you’re new here.
Harley Quinn #32 – A backup story featuring Red Tool. Will we learn more secrets about this Deadpool spin-off character?
Doomsday Clock #1 – A very important DC Universe story. So says writer Geoff Jonhs. Art by Gary Frank Okay, we’re on board!
Detective Comics #969 – “Fall Of The Batmen” part one. Creators James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez.

Buy/Bid – Top 5

Buy/Bid – Top 5

Buy/Bid – Top 5

Buy/Bid – Top 5

Buy/Bid – Top 5







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Buy/Bid – Demon #1

Buy/Bid – Renew Vows #1

Also appearing in this weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #502
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Demon #1 (1972)
Demon Hell Is Earth #1
Flash #35
Harley Quinn #26 and Harley Quinn #27
Imaginary Fiends #1
Action Comics #992
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1
Savage Dragon #228
Savage Dragon #87 (2001)
Long Lost #1
Betty & Veronica: Vixens #1
Doppelgänger #1
Maxwell’s Demons #1
The Villain #1
Void Trip #1
Apocalypse Girl #1
Doctor Radar #1
Happy Hour In America #1

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Best Comic Covers Of The Week 11-22-17

New comic book release day 11/22/17. New comic releases are subject to change.
These are our favorite comic covers from the new arrivals this week. Shown below are the comic book covers with the cover artist. What are your favorite covers this week?

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Click on the Images/Comic Cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay

Nick Roche

Goran Parlov

Dave Johnson

Brian Stelfreeze

Chris Bachalo








Click on the Images/Comic Cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay

Muhmud A Asrar

Rob Liefeld

Jerry Ordway

Frank Cho

Robert Hack






Click on the Images/Comic Cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay

Khary Randolph

Stephen Segovia

Terry Dodson

David Nakayama

Hennessy & Walker








Click on the Images/Comic Cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay

Rafael Albuquerque

Richard Pace

Amanda Conner

Plaid Klaus










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New Comics Video #502

A weekly video look at some of the covers from the weekly InvestComics Hot Picks article. New comics arriving 11/15/17. Please utilize your common sense and READ the article to see why these covers are in this video –> InvestComics Hot Picks #502.
This is NOT an explanation video, just eye candy. READ…’s good for you. ALL Of The New Comics Videos….And More.

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InvestComics Hot Picks #502

InvestComics Hot Picks provides readers and speculators the low down on the new releases coming out on Wednesday each week.
Hot Picks have been weekly since 2005. InvestComics LLC is the longest running entertainment/speculative website on the net.
This week, new comic book release day 11/22/17.

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ALL InvestComics Hot Picks mobile videos.

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InvestComics LLC Authentic Signatures. This page consist of comics for sale that are signed by top creators. Every signature comes with an InvestComics Certificate of Authenticity. Like this page and join in on the bidding.

Buy/Bid – Doomsday Clock #1

Buy/Bid – Harley Quinn #32

Buy/Bid – Harley Quinn #27

Buy/Bid – Harley Quinn #26










Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay

One of the most anticipated DC Comics in some time will arrive this Wednesday. Doomsday Clock #1 is being played out as must-see TV. Well in this case, must-read comic. Writer Geoff Johns has made mini video’s teasing the concept of this comic. DC has been touting the series as THE comic series to change ALL things DC. Okay, so we’re sold, get this book in our hands. Series artist will be Gary Frank.
DC’s Etrigan is back with Demon Hell Is Earth #1. Written by Andrew Constant. Art by Brad Walker. Demon first appeared in Demon #1 (1972). Written and drawn by Jack “King” Kirby. A seller on Ebay has a 9.0 graded with free shipping for only $220.45. Not too bad. Click HERE to check it out.
Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay
Flash #35 begins a new story; Black Hole. Creators Joshua Williamson, Michael Moreci and Pop Mhan.
Fall of The Batmen part one begins in Detective Comics #969. Creators James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez.
In the middle of 2016, writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti came up with a new character. The new character was named Red Tool. A parody of sorts on the Deadpool character. It was an immediate hit with the fans. Red Tool first appeared in Harley Quinn #26 and Harley Quinn #27. Cameo/first “full” appearance stuff within the collectors market I still vehemently disagree with overall, but that’s a story for another day. This Wednesday, Harley Quinn #32 starts a secret origin backup story and it focuses on…….Red Tool!
A new DC/Vertigo book; Imaginary Fiends #1. Written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by Stephen Molnar. Yes, a Vertigo comic written by Tim Seeley. Definite reading material.
A possible cameo or first appearance in this week’s Action Comics #992. Dan Jurgens and Steve Pugh.

Demon Hell On Earth #1

Buy/Bid – Demon #1

Action Comics #992

Detective Comics #969

Buy/Bid – Flash #35








Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #13 will take readers into the future. Annie, Peter and Mary’s daughter is now in high school. The Khary Randolph homage cover is limited to one copy per customer at some shops. Wonder why this is? Make sure to grab your copy if you want one. Also, Annie Parker first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1.
Marvel starts up a new story line in Thanos #13; ‘Thanos Wins’ part 1. Danny Cates writes, Geoff Shaw illustrates.

Renew Vows #13

Renew Vows #1

Savage Dragon #228

Savage Dragon #87

Thanos #13








Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks; Indie comics do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.

Erik Larsen brings back a villain named Seeker in Savage Dragon #228. Seeker first appeared in Savage Dragon #87 (2001).
Scout Comics’ nasty habit of selling out number one issues may continue this week with Long Lost #1. This is a ‘good’ nasty habit to have. Long Lost #1 from Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle.
A new Archie Comics series; Betty & Veronica: Vixens #1. Jamie L. Rotante and Eva Cabrera with a Fiona Staples cover.
Our good friends at Alterna Comics release Doppelgänger #1. Writer Jordan Hart and art from Emmanuel Xerx Javier.
Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay
The folks at Vault Comics are letting Neil Gaiman fans know they have a new release right up their alley. Check out Maxwell’s Demons #1. Brought to you by Denis Camp (writer) and Vittorio Astone (artist).
And speaking of a legend, Neal Adams scribes a new comic for Red Giant Productions; The Villain #1. Creators William Applegate (writer) and Mikael Bergkvist are also part of the team on this book.

Betty & Veronica Vixens #1

Imaginary Fiends #1

Long Lost #1

Maxwell’s Demons #1

The Villain #1







Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay

Void Trip #1 (Image Comics). Creators Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus.
Apocalypse Girl #1 (Amigo Comics); Creators El Torres and Ramiro Borrallo.
Doctor Radar #1 (Titan Books). Creators Noel Simsolo and Bezian.
Happy Hour In America #1 (Fantagraphics). Tim Lane.

Apocalypse Girl #1

Doppelganger #1

Doctor Radar #1

Void Trip #1

Happy Hour America #1








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InvestComics Hot Picks #359


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What you are about to read is 100% authentic. This material is 100% original content from InvestComics and does not borrow from any article(s) or comic website(s) for its content. Anything you read  from here on any other site that seems similar probably and most likely originated from here.

No_Fanboys……And please please lets enjoy the time here. No fanboys please. And if  there are any inaccuracy’s, it’s okay we’re human. Be sure to help us out and correct anything without a fanboy or hater hat on. Reminder: any speculative opinion is and cannot be inaccurate. It’s a guess.


InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 2/18/15

Click on any of the RED links to go directly to Ebay to bid/purchase any books in this article. Maybe your shop under ordered or simply does not have the books within this article. InvestComics saves you the time of doing the search and brings you right to your target on Ebay.

Shock_Pop_Con_2015_InvestComicsInvestComics is fresh back from the very first comic show down in south Florida; Shock Pop Comic Con. Check out the extensive coverage InvestComics provided on its social media outlets. Click on the Press badge picture to the right to see some of the photo on the InvestComics Facebook page and also to be linked to the Shock Pop Comic Con Facebook page as well. Some awesome pictures to check out! The show was full of great guest and it was also a great place to get some comics witnessed by Capital Grading Services too. Capital Grading Services will be sharing some of the books that were verified, so stay tuned for that. A few nice ones coming up.

In the Meantime, be sure to head on over to the InvestComics Ebay page to check out some of the Capital Grading Services comics that are on consignment there. A Star Wars #1 blank variant with 6 sketches/signatures with a starting bid of only $99. Also starting at $99 bids are Aquaman #1 (New 52) graded/signed by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and Sensational Wonder Woman #1 graded/signed by Gail Simone. Go right HERE to the InvestComics Ebay page to place a bid or buy it now.

Silk #1, buy it! For months and months and months now InvestComics has been high on the character Silk. We said that if you had to choose between the new Spider-Gwen or Silk, to choose Silk. If your heart fluttered or you got in the slightest bit angry about that statement, please stop reading this article and go argue with some Fanboy’s at your local comic shop who would win in a fight Gwen or Silk. Relax please. In no way shape or form is InvestComics saying that Gwen will not be successful. Never came out of these articles here. Never will. So what will I say to go out on a limb? Nothing too bad to disrupt the balance of the nerd universe, but I will say that in the long run, (my speculative call here; an opinion) Silk will have more to offer as far as character development goes. Gwen’s story is what it is. She was dead, now she’s not. Her story isn’t even in the depth’s of reality. Let me remind you, I’m not saying this is a horrible thing, it’s not actually, it’s a fun story. But, the Silk story may have more deepness/richness to it for years to come. One of the key components of Silk is the characters ethnicity. This alone is enough to make one realize the rareness and the possible complexity of what may come for Silk. Maybe not right away, but it may some day. Speculation here…..

Amazing_SpiderMan_1_Captail_Grading_Services_InvestComics_Dan_Slott Amazing_SpiderMan_4_Silk_InvestComics Silk_1_InvestComics Silk_1_Variant_Stacey_Lee_InvestComics







Up and coming sensational creator Stacey Lee will start us off on the new era of Silk with issue number one. Stacey Lee is a phenomenal artist. A force to be reckoned with within the industry. Check out her web page right HERE and see some of the amazing things she has done so far in her short career. One of her first published comics is Steed and Mrs. Peel: We’re Needed #1 from Boom Studios.

STK645327So with the massive Silk love this week, (Gwen will have her turn next week) InvestComics gave you a heads up on Amazing Spider-Man #1. This issue featured the first appearance of Cindy Moon. It wasn’t until Amazing Spider-Man #4 the we saw Cindy Moon as Silk. I told you to buy these comics a very long time ago. I’m telling you to buy these comics now too. Click on the links and it will bring you to Ebay so that you can bid or buy your copies right away.

One more positive note here with the new Silk #1 book coming this Wednesday. There are only a few covers accompanying the debut here. No letter K variant, or letter S, nope just up to the letter D here, as in the fourth letter in the alphabet. Click the red link to buy your variant now. InvestComics loves Silk and the potential of the character. We love Gwen too, but Silk for the longevity win here.

….And speaking of no crazy variant cover run, you know what book looks attractive for the sole purpose of having just ONE cover and looking like an awesome story? Secret Identities #1 from Image Comics. Expect some buzz with this new TEAM book from Image. And only one cover too? Yep. As a speculator I like this this. No hunting down that variant that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Justice_League_Magog_InvestComics Kingdom_Come_InvestComics Magog_InvestComics







With the recent announcement of Marvel Studios and Sony reaching an agreement to have Spider-Man crossover into their respective studio films, much of the comic book world immediately brought up Miles Morales as the potential replacement instead of having Peter star as the new Spidey. This probably is not going to happen, but a nice thought nonetheless. However, this week within Miles Morales’ comic book, he will show off a new spider power. This is pretty cool and a book to definitely keep an eye out on. Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #10!

How about Grant Morrison and Jim Lee teaming up on Multiversity Mastermen #1!? That’s awesome sauce right here. Most won’t care that DC’s Multiversity is as confusing and convoluted as it gets. This is Morrison and Lee in the same book!

Jimmy_Amanda_InvestComicsRobin_Action_Comics_InvestComicsThe Bat books are an interesting bunch this week. Check out that cool homage cover to Batman and Robin #39. Instead of Superman it’s Robin? Okay. Batman Superman #19 variant cover was done by J.G Jones. Not only is the cover totally killer, but it features Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner on it! Get this comic triple signed and graded. You’ll without a doubt have a winner on your hands. And the last of the Bat books is Batwoman #39. Who is Red Alice? Find out this week.

David and Meredith Finch continue to make the Wonder Woman comic and character very relevant again. Check out Wonder Woman #39 as the Finch team introduces a new character.

Staying on topic about Wonder Woman, Superman Wonder Woman #16 introduces Magog into the New 52 universe. Besides Darkseid and or Doomsday possibly causing all sorts of issues for the Justice League of America on the big screen, Magog would be a distant third to fill in as the big bad wolf. His first appearance was in Kingdom Come #1 1996. He then reappeared in Justice Society Of America #18 in 2008. A bad as* villain with nothing but upside. Click the links and get your first appearances of Magog now.

Wonder_Woman_39_InvestComics Secret_Indentities_1_InvestComicsWith all the talk of a female dominate week; Silk, Gwen, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Red Alice, why not also check out All New Captain America #4 too. A mysterious female character returns from the past. Who will it be? Read the comic and find out.

Something big will happen within the pages of Silver Surfer #9. Now that Spider-Verse is over, It’s time for fans to really pay attention to what writer Dan Slott has been up to during his Silver Surfer run.

Check out Sparks Nevada Marshal On Mars #1 from Image Comics. Looks like a fun read. Ei8ht Outcast #1 has nothing to do with the Kirkman Outcast title. This one is from Dark Horse and looks interesting. As Dr. Strange becomes more of a reality onto the big screeen, expect to see lots and lots of magic/mystic books like King Mandrake Magician #1 (Dynamite Entertainment).

And last but not least. Disney will have the new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon coming soon, but until then we can all enjoy Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #1. A prequel to the cartoon.

Remember to click on any of the RED links to go directly to Ebay to bid/purchase any books that your local shop has maybe under ordered or simply does not have. InvestComics saves you the time of doing the search and brings you right to your target on Ebay.

Miles_New_Powers_InvestComics Red_Alice_InvestComics Silver_Surfer_9_InvestComics Jim_Lee_Grant_Morrison_InvestComics


Invest wisely, read comics.

Carpe Diem.

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 5/14/14

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Nothing really jumping out this week, but here are some comics to check out…..

With Iron Fist coming onboard to the television medium, what would one expect to see more of these days leading up to the Iron Fist Netflix T.V. series? More karate/kung fu comics right? Okay so Marvel will provide that beginning this week with Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (2014) #1. The hand to hand combat comics will make their official return this week and continue as long as the demand is there. There is a good chance that Deadly Hands will be sold out in a couple of weeks. The comic that the speculator really should have in their hands is Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973). This comic features the first appearance of Shang-Chi. Written by Steve Englehart, with cover and art by Jim Starlin. Yes this would be a nice edition to have in your back issue stash.

Superman75Superman vs Doomsday. Haven’t we been down this path once before? The end result did not fare well for Clark, but it fared very well with the media and collectors at the time. Rumor has it that Supes may bite the dust again. Isn’t this suppose to be the “New 52?” Why are we getting old stories like this one revamped? Aren’t there new stories to possibly explore instead of going back to the well so much?  “NEW 52″……NEW. Okay. So with DC’s big hoopla of Superman vs. Doomsday in Superman Doomed (2014) #1, the comic that will probably be a bigger draw in the aftermarket (if there even is one for this) will be Superman Wonder Woman (2013) #8. This will be the continuation of the Superman Doomed #1 book. Maybe not as many printed Superman Wonder Woman #8’s as there will be Superman Doomed #1? Who knows? All and all, it will interesting to see what spin they put on this story this time. Buy this comic at your local shop and relive history with a new twist.

Justice League United (2014) #1 seems to have a lot of copies sitting at the distributor. What gives with that? A fantastic story will bring readers and collectors right on board though!

Captain Marvel (2014 8th Series) #3 will see our hero team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Expect to see GOTG everywhere (as they slowly have been) before they hit the screen. Speaking of Captain’s, Captain America (2012 7th Series) #20 will see Steve Rogers’ life change forever! Hasn’t he been through enough?

United States of Murder Inc (2014) #1 has television series or movie written all over it. Pick this comic up and hold on to it. You should be hearing news on this comic sooner than later……if it never comes to fruition so what. A great read will probably be ahead.

Legend John Byrne has a sold out book arriving this Wednesday. Star Trek New Visions Mirror Cracked (2014) #1 will have availability only on the shelf that you see. No mas after that spot is empty. John Byrne first tackled the Star Trek genre in 2008’s Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Romulans (no number on cover). That too was with IDW Publishing.

A new beginning after ‘All Out War’ in Walking Dead (2003 Image) #127. This comic is sold out at the distributor.

Rogue Trooper Classics (2014 IDW) #1 will focus on the debut of Rogue Trooper. Why not just get the first appearance in 2000 AD #228 (1981) if you can find it. If the demand ever drums up for the UK hero’s (as InvestComics has said it will) then maybe this should be one to have in your portfolio.

Think Tank Fun With PTSD (2014) #1 from Image comics is just about sold out. And Weird Love (2014 IDW) #1 may have the sold out sign on it very soon.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Hot Picks #288

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for New Comic Releases on 9-25-13

(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgement upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

It’s been a fantastic start of the week for InvestComics. That’s if Saturday and not Sunday is counted as the first day of the week on your calendar. For me, I’m counting Saturday as the first day because of the great things that happened and are on the horizon!

InvestComics Publications received the last shipment (First printing) of our first ever publications comic ‘The Dawning #1’. Look for an InvestComics Newsletter coming in your inbox to be the first to snag a copy! InvestComics will be giving out FREE SIGNED copies to those who make and send a short video (5 to 10 seconds) professing your love to InvestComics. Send your video to either dropbox or wetransfer to Be sure to sign up to get your newsletter at the end of this article. 

Palm ConSaturday InvestComics visited an old friend with a dream and a passion coming to life for him. Martin Pierro of Cosmic Times Publications has done something that has been sorely missed in the West Palm Beach Florida area for quite some time. He started a comic convention appropriately named ‘Palm Con’ 3 years ago. The first 2 years were held in the American Polish Club in Lake Worth Florida. The show quickly outgrew the space needed in the first year, forcing to rent more space the second year, and now this year the show resided in the West Palm Beach Convention Center! Yes Martin is on to something here. In speaking with Martin for the brief few minutes we had at the show (he was a runnin’), you can see and feel the tenseness of the hard work he put into this show. He’s worked hard for this and it shows. In speaking with Andra Walt (mama), one can hear the proudness ooze off of every word, and justly so. Martin Pierro’s Palm Con has arrived.

InvestComics was invited to the event and came out with a few pictures and some video. Those will come out in the days to come. Overall the show had a nice crowd and people were really enjoying themselves. The guest list included Ethan Van Sciver, Deep Roy, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Allen Bellman, Jose Delbo, Carlos Castellanos, Jeff Dekal, Jessis Melero, Vinnie Tartamella, Creature Entertainment, and a host of others.

As already said, Martin Pierro is obviously on to something here. The West Palm Beach area was in dire need of some sort of comic book entertainment forum and Martin will provide this to the genre for years to come. I personally am very proud of him and look forward to the years ahead. Thanks for the invite Palm Con, I had a blast!

There will be some more news on the horizon from InvestComics, so sit tight. It’s very exciting, but cannot speak about anything until confirmation comes in. Such a tease right?

Let’s head into the DC 3D books for this week. Seems like forever now with these books no? How’s that saying go? Too much of a good thing is bad for you?  Well what seemed to be a fun idea is starting to run its course. The 3D covers are nice and all, but the 90’s are calling and they want real comic book covers back.

As InvestComics has done for the collectors each week regarding the 3D covers, we will present the comic and the first appearance of the villain takeover of that particular book. As the weeks pass, it looks as though the field is getting very thinned out. But this shouldn’t deter the collector, it only takes that ONE book to hit and you have chaos within the aftermarket. Be smart about which books to pick up as far as the speculation market goes, the story and the actual character (and print run sometimes) is what causes “that” particular comic to uptick. Not because of a pretty cover.

InvestComics – DC 3D Hot Pick Covers 9-25-13

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Wonder Woman (2011 4th Series) #23.2 – Wonder Woman never really had the rouge gallery that stood out from most, and this week it’s a case in point with ‘First Born’ taking over the WW book. First Born debuted in Wonder Woman #12 (New 52).

Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – Metallo, another forgettable character takes on Superman in this takeover. Metallo makes his first appearance in Action Comics #252 (1959). Cover by Curt Swan.

Superman (2011 3rd Series) #23.4 – Staying with the Superman talk we have another one of those huh? Characters. The much bigger purple blob thing names ‘Parasite’ visits Supes. Back in 1966’s Action Comics #340, Parasite wasn’t on the roids yet and wore green shorts. The big question is will Parasite wear his green shorts in the new Superman Parasite book?? The tension mounts!

Aquaman (2011 5th Series) #23.2 – Moving right along here, Ocean Master, yes Ocean Master will give Aquaman his problems in his own book this week. Ocean Master. Okay, just like saying that for some reason. OM first appeared in Aquaman #29 (1966). All joking aside, maybe OM will be Aquaman’s nemesis in a film or television show one day. Image that…?

Justice League (2011) #23.4 – The ultra-cool Secret-Society will have the rights to the new JL book this week. Look for Secret Society of Super-Villains #1 from 1976 for their first appearance.

Batman (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – One of four Batman titles coming out this week. Overkill? Anyway, one of Batman’s biggest adversaries to ever come along after Bats was introduced all of those many moons ago was Bane. Just like Spidey had Venom, Bats has Bane. Not saying that the rest of their rouge galleries are a weak one, but to have a villain come out of the modern era and make such an impact like they have is a big deal. Bane has already been covered in two Batman films. Now granted the first one doesn’t really count, but it did happen and that accounts for something. It wasn’t until the second go around that Bane became the total bad as* that the character should have portrayed. The villain was spot on in The Dark Knight Rises, a fantastic film and a fantastic villain. Do yourself a favor, if you do not already own the first appearance of Bane in Bane: Vengeance of Bane Special #1 (1993), you need to. Although a big print run keeps the cost down a bit, it’s still a wonderful book to have.

Justice League Of America Vol 3 #7.4 – Just like the aforementioned, Black Adam is a total bad as*. This dude needs to appear in a film, stat! Check out Adam’s debut in Marvel’s Family #1 from 1945 (Fawcett Comics).

Batman and Robin (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – DC’s answer to Marvel’s Lizard came some 20 years later in 1983’s Detective Comics #523. Look for Killer Croc’s debut here.

Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #23.4 – Too bad the Green Lantern didn’t get as much love as it did. Fans were not at all pleased with the film as box office numbers would show. Sinestro however will remain a main staple in the GL gallery. Look carefully through Green Lantern #7 (1961) and there you will see Sinestro’s first appearance.

Batman Superman (2013 DC) #3.1 – Speaking of movies fans are not receptive to, the new Superman/Batman movie seems to be getting dumped on because of the actor choice Ben Affleck playing Batman. Don’t forget that InvestComics supports Ben as Batman on the Facebook page: ‘Affleck as Batman – I’m On Team Ben’. Click HERE to join the crusade against the naysayers! Any who, within this takeover issue we have the only “thing” to ever “unofficially” kill Superman. Doomsday first appeared in Superman: Man of Steel #17 (1992). Just like Bane and Venom for their respective rouge galleries, Doomsday has become “that villain” within the Superman gallery. A late, modern introduction that has caught on and never let go. Doomsday in the Superman/Batman movie? Hey you never know!

Batman The Dark Knight (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – One of the hottest “surprise” issues to come out recently is the Catwoman #23 (New 52) book. The aftermarket went bonkers when word got out that this comic contained the first appearance of the Joker’s daughter. This week the Joker’s daughter will make here “second appearance”. Don’t miss this comic, it’s definitely a sellout book.

Detective Comics (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – The last of the Bat books has Man-Bat gracing the 3D cover. Sometimes a simple switching of a word can create a new character! Although not a recognizable, oh my God I need to buy the issue with Man-Bat in it, it’s the first appearance that’s more appealing than anything. Check out the debut of Man-Bat in Detective Comics #400 (1970). A story drawn by legend Neal Adams and a classic cover by Neal to boot! Good stuff here.


InvestComics Hot Picks 9-25-13

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Marvel Comics debuts the new Sun-Girl in Superior Spider-Man Team Up (2013) #3. Sun-Girl is a great looking 70 year old character. Check out the first appearance from back in 1948’s Sun-Girl #1 from Timely Publications! That’s pre-Marvel folks.

Also from Marvel,  check out Infinity Heist (2013) #1 and Punisher Trial of Punisher (2013) #1. With any kind of buzz with these two comics, they will be sold out very quick.

Speaking of sold out comics, if these comics bring it, expect the aftermarket to be a buzzing. Farlaine The Goblin (2013) #1 stands right in front of this line (Interview right now on InvestComics with creator Studio Farlaine!! Click HERE!). Sold out at Diamond Distributors, get your hands on this comic if you can. Zombie Annihilation One Shot from SILVER PHOENIX ENTERTAINMENT is also sold out at the distributor level. Other Dead (2013 IDW) #1, Powerpuff Girls (2013 IDW) #1 are sold out as well.

On the cusp of second prints are Sex Criminals (2013) #1, Super (2013) #1, Rat Queens (2013 Image) #1, and Planet of the Apes Giant (2013 Boom) #1. As always mentioned here, Image Comics have been on a serious roll lately. Their products have been outstanding. Watch out for the sell outs of their comics, because interest will eventually reach the “another” medium as Hollywood will start picking off some of their stories.

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See you soon! Invest wisely.

Jay Katz



Feel my heart break as you read BOOSTER GOLD #47, the last issue of the series, which ends with the DC reboot. Booster will featured in JLI, starting in September.


FLASH FACT: Booster is the only man with the knowledge to fix the world, but he has to find The Flash in time to tell him…

  • DC Universe
  • 32pg.
  • Color
  • $2.99 US

On Sale August 10, 2011


DC is offering this sneak peek at this week’s ACTION COMICS #900. It’s…dare I say…Action packed! Plus, it’s one of this week’s InvestComics HOT PICKS.



Written by PAUL CORNELL, RICHARD DONNER, DAVID GOYER, DAMON LINDELOF and more; Art by PETE WOODS, JESUS MERINO and more; Cover by DAVID FINCH; 1:5 Variant cover A by ADAM HUGHES; 1:5 Variant cover B by ALEX ROSS

Superman returns to ACTION COMICS just in time for the title’s historic 900th issue, which clocks in at 100 pages! Everything Paul Cornell and Pete Woods have been building to over the last year culminates here in the ultimate Superman vs. Lex Luthor battle! But that’s not all – this story will lay the grounds for an insanely epic story coming out this summer in the pages of ACTION!

Plus, an incredible roster of guest talent help us celebrate this landmark issue, including the screenwriter of The Dark Knight, David Goyer; famed Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner; the co-creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof; and the creative team behind the hit DC UNIVERSE ONLINE game!


Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s SUPERBOY #6, the latest chapter in THE REIGN OF DOOMSDAY.


The epic “Reign of Doomsday” crossover hits SUPERBOY! How will the Kid of Steel defeat the monster that managed to kill the Man of Steel? And what is Doomsday’s ultimate goal in attacking all these members of the Super-family? The mysteries deepen as Act I of this story rockets towards its conclusion!

  • Superman
  • 32pg.
  • Color
  • $2.99 US

On Sale April 13, 2011