InvestComics Hot Picks – Summer Special

Topher Seal is back with his Summer Special article! Things are heating up outside and so are these gems!

As summer sizzles up there’s sure to be plenty of flea markets, auctions and cons to attend. That means back issue blowouts set up by desperate dealers and rank, aging fanboys will hopefully yield treasures or at least help you scratch some books off your want list.  Here’s a few you sould look for in the first discount longbox you see!

Strange Tales 2 Issue 1

The Rafael Grampa cover (more on him next time!) alone makes this one worth the price but a rare contribution from the creator of The Perry Bible Fellowship is the best reason to buy this creative Marvel offering.

Value: 5.00

Venom 13 Sketch Variant 

Some comics you just have to buy because they define a particular era. The new Venom series has a great writer and a character wearing the suit that we can finally be proud of.  This rare issue features the first appearance of The Circle of Four as well as the first appearance of the Antithesis (a group which mirrors the dark sides of the Circle.)  The ones to remember here are Encephalon and X-666!  Buy it, grade it and stash it in your vault.

Value:  50

New X-men 128

As the Uncanny X-force has become the premiere X book for Marvel there is one member who has recently generated heat similar to Deadpool. Fantomex’s first appearance is hot and Ebay sales of CGC 9.8 grade copies are seeing insane gains.  There’s hope though.  I picked up 2 in NM at a localBostonshop this past weekend.  This is an opportunity to get in early on an obscure character who is fast becoming a popular creation.

Value: 25.00-50.00  Ebay sales of 25-50 in NM and 200-300 in CGC 9.8

X-Men Second Coming 2 (Finch Variant)

Looking for the first appearance of the new Uncanny X-Force?  This is it people.  While others track down all the variants for issue 1of the regular series it is in the issue where Wolverine defies Cyclops and forms the team!

Value:  30

Civil War 2 (Turner Sketch Variant)

This one is a few years old but it features one of the most important storylines ever printed and down the road will be a very valuable book due to content and rarity.

Value:  45.00

Resurrection Man Vol. 1 Issue 1 (2nd Print)

DC’s new 52 issue brings back Mitch Shelly as the tormented Resurrection Man, written by Dan Abnett. Normally I don’t recommend collecting first issues with larger print runs unless you really know what you are doing but this issue is cool because it’s the Resurrection Man’s first appearance!

The 2nd Printing is harder to find than the first.  Look for the Roman numeral 2 which denoted the later printing.

Value: 10.00 for the second printing

Dark Horse Presents Vol. 2 issue 1  (Paul Pope Variant Cover)

There are a lot of wonderful things going on in Dark Horse’s new series.  From Harlen Ellison to Richard Corben it appears as if this new series is picking up right where it left off (see issue 157 with the Goon!)  But the real gem here is a sneak peak at Frank Miller’s Xerxes!  If the series is half as good as 300 look for this book to soar in value.  Plus there’s a wicked cover by an indie favorite.

Value: 20.00

Superman & Batman 80

Appearances of alternate versions or future versions of our favorite heroes often lead to an increase in value.  Part 2 of this intriguing tale concerns Epoch , the Lord of Time and features rare appearances by Damian Wayne as Batman as well as the Batman from the 46th century, Superman 2 and the futuristic duo who deal with what’s called The Greater Darkness?!  Though they all only appear in a single splash page who knows when they all might show up again.  Take a chance on this one as it could become as hard to find as the Superman Batman Annual 4 (also featuring an incredible Batman Beyond story!)

Value:  3.00

Resurrection Man 27 Series Finale

It’s the same old story here…low print run and great writing is the recipe for back issue value.

Oh and check out Resurrection Man One Million for the greatest Mitch Shelly tale ever written!

Value:  8.00

68 (one-shot, covers A & B)

Come on you know that zombies are still hot and even when they cool off it won’t be long before the cycle repeats itself.  With an awesome story, 2 covers and a low print run I suggest buying this book while there’s still a chance you can find it.

Value: 25.00


Tales of Suspense 79 (first cosmic cube)

Whatever Loki’s plans are for the cosmic cube in the upcoming Avengers film you can be sure that this book will see a healthy increase in value!


Every month I will update a list of current books that are generating big internet sales and general buzz in the industry.

     1.    Dreamwalker 0 (Avatar) First appearance of the Goon!

Value: 175.00

2.    Avatar Illustrated 1 ( Early Goon )

Value: 150.00

3.   Chew 1

Internet sales continue to climb

Value: 350/CGC 9.8 500-700

4.   Walking Dead 19 ( First Michonne )

See the last Broker Corner article!

5.   New X-men 128 ( first Fantomex )

Value: 50

6.   Batman and Robin Vol. 2 Issue 2 ( first appearance Titus Wayne )

Value: 7.00

7.   The Walking Dead 27 ( first appearance The Governor )

Value: 125.00

8.   Chew 12 ( SDCC Variant )

Value: 40.00

9.   Fear Itself 7 (variant)   First Appearance Marcus Johnson

Value:  9.00

10. Dead Pooh 1

Value:  5.00

InvestComics Hot Picks 4-25-12

Welcome to InvestComics Hot Picks 4-25-12

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Anyone that lives in and around the South Florida area definitely knows about Tate’s Comics in Lauderhill. If you are not from the area or if you’re ever visiting South Florida, you need to get to this store. There are a few InvestComics You tube video’s that you can check out on the You tube channel regarding events that IC has covered at Tate’s. This year however, IC teamed up with Ron Kerronian, owner of the website known as Comic Privy. You can check out the coverage of this year’s Tate’s Tent sale right HERE. You can also check out Ron’s website Comic Privy right HERE.

So let’s get to the Hot Picks for this week.

Marvel has a few books to check out this week. Battle Scars #6 may finally give the big reveal that many of us have been waiting for. This comic promises to “rock the Marvel Universe.” Hmmmm…..has Marvel gone to that well one too many times?

In the department of NOT going to the well too many times are comics for the younger readers. In recent weeks, InvestComics has covered a plethora of younger generational comic releases from the big 2. Looks like there may be a market after all for the young lads! The next phase of bringing in new readership seems to have hit because of the very cool animation that’s out there. This week we see the Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures #1 hit stands and reaching out to the next crop of fans. Good job reaching out guys! Now if they could only figure out getting those girls to pick up comic books…..

Wolverine #305 features the writing skills of “rising star” Cullen Bunn. One of Cullen’s first works can be found in Oni Press’ The Damned: Prodigal Sons #1 from 2008.

The Goon #39 is a parody issue of the craziness that is going on all over the comic industry as far as storylines go. The cover alone is absolute brilliance brought to you by the brilliant Eric Powell. “Hey, Kids! Pointless Gimmicks Inside!” Eric Powell is Goon’s almighty creator that was first seen in the pages of Dreamwalker #0 from Avatar Press; a vastly underrated comic from 1998 that should be in your collection.

IDW will have an instant sell out this week with Popeye #1. The Action Comics #1 homage cover alone will have fans buying this comic. Popeye was first introduced in comic strips way back in 1929, well before the Superman’s and Spider-Man’s of the world. It wasn’t until the late 1930’s that Popeye finally appeared in a comic book. One of the earliest comics listed is Popeye (Feature Book) #2. And yes after all these years, spinach is still nasty.

Also from IDW this week, Hero Comics 2012 #1 will be a benefit book for Hero Initiative. With all the goodies you’re to get inside of that book, a $3.99 price tag goes to a good cause.

A couple of number one issues to check out this week are two of Rich Johnson’s comics, Scienthorology and Captain American Idol. Fun stuff.

As always, scroll through the covers of the week below!

Until next time, invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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