Comic Broker Report – Undervalued Moderns Special

The market can be slow to reflect the value of certain issues.  This can happen for many reasons.  Each month I try to give readers the opportunity to get in on a sleeper well before the market catches up.  Though I am not always right I try to select comics that are worth collecting even if you might never make a penny on the fast flip.  I have featured some of these comics in the past.  They make this list because they remain largely unknown to the collecting community.


Batman Volume 1 Issue 656


If you are looking for Damian Wayne’s first full appearance then here ya go!  Issue 655 along with its variant and other printings are often the ones collectors want but they only feature Batman’s son in shadows.  This issue is where we get to see the league trained badass for the first time!

Iron Man,Incredible Hulk,Nick Fury       Iron Man 2: Agents of Shield ( second appearance )

images Iron_Man_2_Agents_of_S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s odd to me that Agent Coulson’s first appearance is so undervalued.  It’s pretty tough to find and features a character that is loved by most Marvel fans.  With Agents of SHIELD getting better with each episode I hope these two comics see significant increases in value.

Battle Scars 1,6

Battle_Scars_Vol_1_1 background

So if you don’t appreciate Coulson’s first actual appearance in a comic then you can pick up these two which feature his first appearance ( and named appearance ) in the regular Marvel Universe.

Th Invincible Iron Man ( 2008 ) 10,11

160951_20090130192741_large 161377_20120421132025_thumb 164423_20110703121943_large 164429_20120421132352_thumb 167473_20120421132609_thumbyhst-16722662390539_2253_2231834869

Ok there are a ton of these to hunt down.  Why?  Well recently the actor who voiced Iron Man’s A.I.  J.A.R.V.I.S. told us he’s playing the Vision.  This means that the A.I. that Stark created is becoming one of the most popular Avengers in the next film.  The Vision first appeared in Avengers 57 and it highly valued.  But as the film version will be bringing the Stark A.I. to life as an android,  these comics should be worth a lot more than the currently are.  Issue 10 features the first appearance of the RESCUE armor, made for Pepper Potts by Tony.  In Issue 11 we learn that the A.I. system in her armor is the J.A.R.V.I.S intelligence!  That makes these issues the first comic appearance of the intelligence system which will become the Vision in Avengers 2.  So far the hardest issues to find are the second print for issue 10.  This us due to the first cover for RESCUE.  Issue 10 has variants, the hardest one to find being the secret retailer variant.  The only way to tell is a barcode variation pictured above!

Elektra Assassin 2


Ok I admit I am a huge Bill Paxton fan.

Once we learned that his character on A.O.S. was secretly a Hydra agent this book should have seen some market action.  It has a wonderful cover and is written by an industry great.

Action Comics 471


Despite many who were disappointing by the Man of Steel I have come to realize that it is a very good film.  Russel Crow actually steals it along with Zod’s top soldier Faora who first appears  in this issue of Action Comics.

Supernaturals 4


It’s still amazing to me that Groot is coming to a theater near you in August.  For a character with less that 5 pre Copper Age appearances it just seems insane that an Alien like this is being thrust into the mainstream. To my knowledge this issue is his first appearance in the modern age.  This series inserted masks into the issues and I believe the ones with the Ghost Rider mask are the hardest to find.

Chuck Norris  and the Karate Kommandos 1


First appearance of this legend is all you need to know.

Captain America 208, first appearance of Arnim Zola


If you geeked out as much as me with Zola’s incredible appearance in the Winter Soldier then I applaud your love of insanely twisted comic villains!




Comic Broker Report – June 2013

The Comic Broker’s Report June 2013

By Topher Seal

Nothing Special this month, just a mixed bag of comics to hunt for throughout the summer.  Until the Bruins win another cup I will be awaiting the release of the Man of Steel.  Let’s all hope that Zack Snyder channels his Watchmen instead of another Sucker Punch otherwise he may just kill the franchise once and for all.

Action Comics 471

Once a forgotten Phantom Zone resident, Faora has made the improbable leap to the silver screen.  With a movie that is already getting praise from critics,  it is possible that she may be one of the film’s best character adaptations. ( She was sentenced to 300 years for killing many men! )


Rise of Apocalypse 1-4,  X-Force 37, Marvel Graphic Novel 17, X-Men Alpha

So the list of mutants to appear in the time traveling sequel to the most recent X flick just keeps on expanding.  First appearances of Warpath and Blink haven’t seen increased sales as of yet,  but with the addition of the AOA character Blink we may get a glimpse into the alternate reality fans love so much.  Now we all know that X-Factor 5,6 will be the key books concerning Apocalypse but there are others…

Rise of 1-4 gives us the origin of En Sabah Nur,


X-Force 37 is also a key concerning his origin,


The Marvel GN 17 is actually his first appearance,


X-Men Alpha is the first appearance of the AOA Apocalypse


Dark Horse Presents 1 (  Paul Pope Variant, First 300 Sequel )

Again, this  rare variant with a cover by indie icon Paul Pope features a sneak peek at Frank Miller’s sequel to 300.  Xerxes takes place before, during and after the event of 300 and is currently being adapted by Legendary studios.  The first film was a massive hit and generated big sales for the 6 issue series.  Expect the same here.


X-Men Poster Magazine & X-men 37 2nd print ( First Blink )

Similar to the AOA  Apocalypse appearance mentioned above, Blink has an AOA first appearance also and it’s not in X-Men Alpha.  I have also mentioned Uncanny 317 as the first appearance of Blink but issues 37 of the X-Men series came out the same month and like that issues has a more rare 2nd printing.


Game of Thrones 1 ( Limited 1 for 75 Virgin Variant Cover by Mike Miller )

This season cemented Martin’s epic series as one of the most popular ( and well written! ) fantasies of all time.  Don’t believe me?  Data shows that the finale of Season 3 was the most illegally downloaded show ever.  The comic issues from Dynamite are getting harder to find especially the variants.  This one is the gem of the bunch.


Clint 1 ( First Kick Ass 2 )

This over-sized magazine from Mark Millar ran its course some time ago but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless.  There are plenty of reasons to buy most issues especially the first.  Kick Ass 2 hits this summer and if it’s as successful as the first film look for this mag to heat up.


The Comic Shop News 1257 July 2011 ( Game of Thrones )

I have researched all of Dynamite’s offerings prior to the release of the Game of Thrones original series for a printed preview of the series and found nothing.  The only appearance or preview of the comic adaptation is in this issue of the Comic Shop News which are always tough to find.

Star Wars Dark Empire II ( Newsstand and Gold Variant ) & Star Wars The Last Command 1

Rumors surrounding the sequels are sure to create a frenzy in the collectible market over the next few years.  If the Solo twins make it into the film look for these books to go berserk on the back issue market.


The Last of Us American Dream 1 of 4

Once again, I rarely recommend Video Game adaptations, especially mini series but I am making an exception for this wonderful comic.  The game looks amazing and issues 1 and 2  are pretty tough to find already.