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Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used at the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. So please use your own discretion when investing and have fun. Also; Not all comics will be chosen as an InvestComics Hot Pick for a particular week. There will in fact (guaranteed) to be some missed opportunities. The speculator not only has to be accountable forspeculative their gains and loses, but their own research as well. If the speculator is here with the thought that InvestComics will pick every comic that hits, even ones that sells out weeks later or become hot after the weekly article; is mistakenly off. This is in fact an entertainment/speculative site. Bottom line though, we have and always will be the best speculative web site on the planet.

What you are about to read is 100% authentic. This material is 100% original content from InvestComics and does not borrow from any article(s) or comic website(s) for its content. Anything you read  from here on any other site that seems similar probably and most likely originated from here.

No_Fanboys……And please please lets enjoy the time here. No fanboys please. And if  there are any inaccuracy’s, it’s okay we’re human. Be sure to help us out and correct anything without a fanboy or hater hat on. Reminder: any speculative opinion is and cannot be inaccurate. It’s a guess.


InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 2/18/15

Click on any of the RED links to go directly to Ebay to bid/purchase any books in this article. Maybe your shop under ordered or simply does not have the books within this article. InvestComics saves you the time of doing the search and brings you right to your target on Ebay.

Shock_Pop_Con_2015_InvestComicsInvestComics is fresh back from the very first comic show down in south Florida; Shock Pop Comic Con. Check out the extensive coverage InvestComics provided on its social media outlets. Click on the Press badge picture to the right to see some of the photo on the InvestComics Facebook page and also to be linked to the Shock Pop Comic Con Facebook page as well. Some awesome pictures to check out! The show was full of great guest and it was also a great place to get some comics witnessed by Capital Grading Services too. Capital Grading Services will be sharing some of the books that were verified, so stay tuned for that. A few nice ones coming up.

In the Meantime, be sure to head on over to the InvestComics Ebay page to check out some of the Capital Grading Services comics that are on consignment there. A Star Wars #1 blank variant with 6 sketches/signatures with a starting bid of only $99. Also starting at $99 bids are Aquaman #1 (New 52) graded/signed by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and Sensational Wonder Woman #1 graded/signed by Gail Simone. Go right HERE to the InvestComics Ebay page to place a bid or buy it now.

Silk #1, buy it! For months and months and months now InvestComics has been high on the character Silk. We said that if you had to choose between the new Spider-Gwen or Silk, to choose Silk. If your heart fluttered or you got in the slightest bit angry about that statement, please stop reading this article and go argue with some Fanboy’s at your local comic shop who would win in a fight Gwen or Silk. Relax please. In no way shape or form is InvestComics saying that Gwen will not be successful. Never came out of these articles here. Never will. So what will I say to go out on a limb? Nothing too bad to disrupt the balance of the nerd universe, but I will say that in the long run, (my speculative call here; an opinion) Silk will have more to offer as far as character development goes. Gwen’s story is what it is. She was dead, now she’s not. Her story isn’t even in the depth’s of reality. Let me remind you, I’m not saying this is a horrible thing, it’s not actually, it’s a fun story. But, the Silk story may have more deepness/richness to it for years to come. One of the key components of Silk is the characters ethnicity. This alone is enough to make one realize the rareness and the possible complexity of what may come for Silk. Maybe not right away, but it may some day. Speculation here…..

Amazing_SpiderMan_1_Captail_Grading_Services_InvestComics_Dan_Slott Amazing_SpiderMan_4_Silk_InvestComics Silk_1_InvestComics Silk_1_Variant_Stacey_Lee_InvestComics







Up and coming sensational creator Stacey Lee will start us off on the new era of Silk with issue number one. Stacey Lee is a phenomenal artist. A force to be reckoned with within the industry. Check out her web page right HERE and see some of the amazing things she has done so far in her short career. One of her first published comics is Steed and Mrs. Peel: We’re Needed #1 from Boom Studios.

STK645327So with the massive Silk love this week, (Gwen will have her turn next week) InvestComics gave you a heads up on Amazing Spider-Man #1. This issue featured the first appearance of Cindy Moon. It wasn’t until Amazing Spider-Man #4 the we saw Cindy Moon as Silk. I told you to buy these comics a very long time ago. I’m telling you to buy these comics now too. Click on the links and it will bring you to Ebay so that you can bid or buy your copies right away.

One more positive note here with the new Silk #1 book coming this Wednesday. There are only a few covers accompanying the debut here. No letter K variant, or letter S, nope just up to the letter D here, as in the fourth letter in the alphabet. Click the red link to buy your variant now. InvestComics loves Silk and the potential of the character. We love Gwen too, but Silk for the longevity win here.

….And speaking of no crazy variant cover run, you know what book looks attractive for the sole purpose of having just ONE cover and looking like an awesome story? Secret Identities #1 from Image Comics. Expect some buzz with this new TEAM book from Image. And only one cover too? Yep. As a speculator I like this this. No hunting down that variant that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Justice_League_Magog_InvestComics Kingdom_Come_InvestComics Magog_InvestComics







With the recent announcement of Marvel Studios and Sony reaching an agreement to have Spider-Man crossover into their respective studio films, much of the comic book world immediately brought up Miles Morales as the potential replacement instead of having Peter star as the new Spidey. This probably is not going to happen, but a nice thought nonetheless. However, this week within Miles Morales’ comic book, he will show off a new spider power. This is pretty cool and a book to definitely keep an eye out on. Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #10!

How about Grant Morrison and Jim Lee teaming up on Multiversity Mastermen #1!? That’s awesome sauce right here. Most won’t care that DC’s Multiversity is as confusing and convoluted as it gets. This is Morrison and Lee in the same book!

Jimmy_Amanda_InvestComicsRobin_Action_Comics_InvestComicsThe Bat books are an interesting bunch this week. Check out that cool homage cover to Batman and Robin #39. Instead of Superman it’s Robin? Okay. Batman Superman #19 variant cover was done by J.G Jones. Not only is the cover totally killer, but it features Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner on it! Get this comic triple signed and graded. You’ll without a doubt have a winner on your hands. And the last of the Bat books is Batwoman #39. Who is Red Alice? Find out this week.

David and Meredith Finch continue to make the Wonder Woman comic and character very relevant again. Check out Wonder Woman #39 as the Finch team introduces a new character.

Staying on topic about Wonder Woman, Superman Wonder Woman #16 introduces Magog into the New 52 universe. Besides Darkseid and or Doomsday possibly causing all sorts of issues for the Justice League of America on the big screen, Magog would be a distant third to fill in as the big bad wolf. His first appearance was in Kingdom Come #1 1996. He then reappeared in Justice Society Of America #18 in 2008. A bad as* villain with nothing but upside. Click the links and get your first appearances of Magog now.

Wonder_Woman_39_InvestComics Secret_Indentities_1_InvestComicsWith all the talk of a female dominate week; Silk, Gwen, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Red Alice, why not also check out All New Captain America #4 too. A mysterious female character returns from the past. Who will it be? Read the comic and find out.

Something big will happen within the pages of Silver Surfer #9. Now that Spider-Verse is over, It’s time for fans to really pay attention to what writer Dan Slott has been up to during his Silver Surfer run.

Check out Sparks Nevada Marshal On Mars #1 from Image Comics. Looks like a fun read. Ei8ht Outcast #1 has nothing to do with the Kirkman Outcast title. This one is from Dark Horse and looks interesting. As Dr. Strange becomes more of a reality onto the big screeen, expect to see lots and lots of magic/mystic books like King Mandrake Magician #1 (Dynamite Entertainment).

And last but not least. Disney will have the new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon coming soon, but until then we can all enjoy Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #1. A prequel to the cartoon.

Remember to click on any of the RED links to go directly to Ebay to bid/purchase any books that your local shop has maybe under ordered or simply does not have. InvestComics saves you the time of doing the search and brings you right to your target on Ebay.

Miles_New_Powers_InvestComics Red_Alice_InvestComics Silver_Surfer_9_InvestComics Jim_Lee_Grant_Morrison_InvestComics


Invest wisely, read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-2-09






Magog makes his ongoing debut this week. Check out what comic is probably very under ordered this week and might be a Hot Item. Click ahead to read a Note from InvestComics too…
Magog# 1  Way back on InvestComics Weekly Hot Picks on 11-18-08 Kingdom Come #1 was recommended. This week DC is giving this wildly successful Villain his own monthly series. So there are 2 issues that you need to be on the look out here. Kingdom Come#1 is the first appearance of this crazed foe. Justice Society of America #18 is a key issue to look for as well. This issue introduces Magog to the current DC Universe. Kingdom Come #1 is a big bargain at only $10. That series should be stored neatly in its place in your collection anyway. It’s an awesome read as well as one of the best creative works by Mark Waid and Alex Ross to date. JSA #18 could probably be found either at cover price in some places or a buck or two more than cover. This also is a good book to own, once Magog takes off and becomes a huge force to be reckoned with in the DC Universe. (Check out more information regarding the Variant
cover on InvestComics column ‘Covering Variants’ at
coming soon)






monstersontheprowl16firstthulsadoom20doolsroythomas.gifRobert E Howard Thulsa Doom # 1  This looks like an interesting comic from Dynamite Entertainment. Here is something even more interesting. Way back in the year of 1972 the world was introduced to Thulsa Doom via a comic from Marvel titled Monsters on The Prowl #16. Here is the awesome part. This 37 year old first appearance comic is only $20! Not a bad price for when the solicitation of the first issue reads words like ‘origin’, ‘anti-hero’ and ‘destruction’. (Check out more information regarding the Variant cover on InvestComics column ‘Covering Variants’ at coming soon)

Solomon Grundy # 7  This comic is going to fly right under the radar as far as The Blackest Night crossover Epic goes. Look for this issue to be massively under ordered and sought after by Green Lantern fans everywhere. Great cover art by Scott Kolins here as well.




Quick Note Here……….

Okay, that’s it for this extremely short Hot Picks Week. Remember to check out InvestComics weekly article running on Look for the Title ‘Covering Variants’ on the front page. If you want to learn more about ‘me’ you could click on the top of the page at in the Staff section. There you will see a scary mug shot of me as well! Yikes!

See you all Next Week

Invest Wisely.

Jay K


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-19-08


Last week finally saw DC Comics take over the Weekly Hot Picks. Not so this week, but they do get the top slot. This week brings a villain by the name of Magog to a number one issue…….


 Man alive does this villain kick some butt! Magog is a huge thorn in the Justice Society of America‘s side. Now the Loki looking wannabe has a number one issue that looks like f-u-n. Not fun for JSA, but fun for us! Get this Magog dude first appearance in Kingdom Come # 1. Also pick up that Magog Kingdom Come Special. And just a side note, that Alex Ross cover is nicer than the Dale Eaglesham variant. 



Justice Society Of America: Kingdom Come Special Magog # 1 

Kingdom Come # 1






Thunderbolts # 126  Andy Diggle (DC’s The Losers) takes over the writing duties with this issue. Big things are coming down the pike for our Thunderbolts according to Sean at X-Treme Comics and this is where it begins. What exactly is in store here you ask? Well you’ll just have to pick it up and read it! If the series takes a dramatic turn and starts picking up steam, you better have this issue. 






Fantastic Four # 561  The Death of Invisible Woman. Does anyone care??





Now check out a couple of these nice variants coming your way this week. One of them pays homage to a famous X-Men cover. You should know which one that is! Better yet, you best know which one it is!









Bowen‘s Dr. Doom Statue  Wow. This is the first word that comes to mind with this one. The past few weeks, Bowen has absolutely blown it out of the water with some of their statues. Look at the Bowen Thor from Weekly Hot Picks on 10-22-08, then you have the awesome Captain America from week 10-29-08. All of these statues come in at the $300 range and are worth every penny. 


Until next week everyone, remember 2 things; Weekly Hot Picks before new comic day every week and Invest wisely! 

Jay K