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Magog makes his ongoing debut this week. Check out what comic is probably very under ordered this week and might be a Hot Item. Click ahead to read a Note from InvestComics too…
Magog# 1  Way back on InvestComics Weekly Hot Picks on 11-18-08 Kingdom Come #1 was recommended. This week DC is giving this wildly successful Villain his own monthly series. So there are 2 issues that you need to be on the look out here. Kingdom Come#1 is the first appearance of this crazed foe. Justice Society of America #18 is a key issue to look for as well. This issue introduces Magog to the current DC Universe. Kingdom Come #1 is a big bargain at only $10. That series should be stored neatly in its place in your collection anyway. It’s an awesome read as well as one of the best creative works by Mark Waid and Alex Ross to date. JSA #18 could probably be found either at cover price in some places or a buck or two more than cover. This also is a good book to own, once Magog takes off and becomes a huge force to be reckoned with in the DC Universe. (Check out more information regarding the Variant
cover on InvestComics column ‘Covering Variants’ at
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monstersontheprowl16firstthulsadoom20doolsroythomas.gifRobert E Howard Thulsa Doom # 1  This looks like an interesting comic from Dynamite Entertainment. Here is something even more interesting. Way back in the year of 1972 the world was introduced to Thulsa Doom via a comic from Marvel titled Monsters on The Prowl #16. Here is the awesome part. This 37 year old first appearance comic is only $20! Not a bad price for when the solicitation of the first issue reads words like ‘origin’, ‘anti-hero’ and ‘destruction’. (Check out more information regarding the Variant cover on InvestComics column ‘Covering Variants’ at coming soon)

Solomon Grundy # 7  This comic is going to fly right under the radar as far as The Blackest Night crossover Epic goes. Look for this issue to be massively under ordered and sought after by Green Lantern fans everywhere. Great cover art by Scott Kolins here as well.




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Okay, that’s it for this extremely short Hot Picks Week. Remember to check out InvestComics weekly article running on Look for the Title ‘Covering Variants’ on the front page. If you want to learn more about ‘me’ you could click on the top of the page at in the Staff section. There you will see a scary mug shot of me as well! Yikes!

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