InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-19-08


Last week finally saw DC Comics take over the Weekly Hot Picks. Not so this week, but they do get the top slot. This week brings a villain by the name of Magog to a number one issue…….


Man alive does this villain kick some butt! Magog is a huge thorn in the Justice Society of America‘s side. Now the Loki looking wannabe has a number one issue that looks like f-u-n. Not fun for JSA, but fun for us! Get this Magog dude first appearance in Kingdom Come # 1. Also pick up that Magog Kingdom Come Special. And just a side note, that Alex Ross cover is nicer than the Dale Eaglesham variant.



Justice Society Of America: Kingdom Come Special Magog # 1 

Kingdom Come # 1


Thunderbolts # 126  Andy Diggle (DC’s The Losers) takes over the writing duties with this issue. Big things are coming down the pike for our Thunderbolts according to Sean at X-Treme Comics and this is where it begins. What exactly is in store here you ask? Well you’ll just have to pick it up and read it! If the series takes a dramatic turn and starts picking up steam, you better have this issue.






Fantastic Four # 561  The Death of Invisible Woman. Does anyone care??





Now check out a couple of these nice variants coming your way this week. One of them pays homage to a famous X-Men cover. You should know which one that is! Better yet, you best know which one it is!









Bowen‘s Dr. Doom Statue  Wow. This is the first word that comes to mind with this one. The past few weeks, Bowen has absolutely blown it out of the water with some of their statues. Look at the Bowen Thor from Weekly Hot Picks on 10-22-08, then you have the awesome Captain America from week 10-29-08. All of these statues come in at the $300 range and are worth every penny.


Until next week everyone, remember 2 things; Weekly Hot Picks before new comic day every week and Invest wisely! 

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