Comic Broker Report – Undervalued Moderns Special

The market can be slow to reflect the value of certain issues.  This can happen for many reasons.  Each month I try to give readers the opportunity to get in on a sleeper well before the market catches up.  Though I am not always right I try to select comics that are worth collecting even if you might never make a penny on the fast flip.  I have featured some of these comics in the past.  They make this list because they remain largely unknown to the collecting community.


Batman Volume 1 Issue 656


If you are looking for Damian Wayne’s first full appearance then here ya go!  Issue 655 along with its variant and other printings are often the ones collectors want but they only feature Batman’s son in shadows.  This issue is where we get to see the league trained badass for the first time!

Iron Man,Incredible Hulk,Nick Fury       Iron Man 2: Agents of Shield ( second appearance )

images Iron_Man_2_Agents_of_S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s odd to me that Agent Coulson’s first appearance is so undervalued.  It’s pretty tough to find and features a character that is loved by most Marvel fans.  With Agents of SHIELD getting better with each episode I hope these two comics see significant increases in value.

Battle Scars 1,6

Battle_Scars_Vol_1_1 background

So if you don’t appreciate Coulson’s first actual appearance in a comic then you can pick up these two which feature his first appearance ( and named appearance ) in the regular Marvel Universe.

Th Invincible Iron Man ( 2008 ) 10,11

160951_20090130192741_large 161377_20120421132025_thumb 164423_20110703121943_large 164429_20120421132352_thumb 167473_20120421132609_thumbyhst-16722662390539_2253_2231834869

Ok there are a ton of these to hunt down.  Why?  Well recently the actor who voiced Iron Man’s A.I.  J.A.R.V.I.S. told us he’s playing the Vision.  This means that the A.I. that Stark created is becoming one of the most popular Avengers in the next film.  The Vision first appeared in Avengers 57 and it highly valued.  But as the film version will be bringing the Stark A.I. to life as an android,  these comics should be worth a lot more than the currently are.  Issue 10 features the first appearance of the RESCUE armor, made for Pepper Potts by Tony.  In Issue 11 we learn that the A.I. system in her armor is the J.A.R.V.I.S intelligence!  That makes these issues the first comic appearance of the intelligence system which will become the Vision in Avengers 2.  So far the hardest issues to find are the second print for issue 10.  This us due to the first cover for RESCUE.  Issue 10 has variants, the hardest one to find being the secret retailer variant.  The only way to tell is a barcode variation pictured above!

Elektra Assassin 2


Ok I admit I am a huge Bill Paxton fan.

Once we learned that his character on A.O.S. was secretly a Hydra agent this book should have seen some market action.  It has a wonderful cover and is written by an industry great.

Action Comics 471


Despite many who were disappointing by the Man of Steel I have come to realize that it is a very good film.  Russel Crow actually steals it along with Zod’s top soldier Faora who first appears  in this issue of Action Comics.

Supernaturals 4


It’s still amazing to me that Groot is coming to a theater near you in August.  For a character with less that 5 pre Copper Age appearances it just seems insane that an Alien like this is being thrust into the mainstream. To my knowledge this issue is his first appearance in the modern age.  This series inserted masks into the issues and I believe the ones with the Ghost Rider mask are the hardest to find.

Chuck Norris  and the Karate Kommandos 1


First appearance of this legend is all you need to know.

Captain America 208, first appearance of Arnim Zola


If you geeked out as much as me with Zola’s incredible appearance in the Winter Soldier then I applaud your love of insanely twisted comic villains!




Superman Checklist

Superman InvestComics


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Superman will be making his return to the big screen this Friday June 14th. This movie will be either the beginning or the end of the DC Universe on the big screen as we know it. It must do well in order for Warner Bros. to justify bringing aboard the rest of the DCU. If the movie fails to meet expectations, fans of DC will have a long wait before they ever see another character from their library take to the screen. If it exceeds expectations (which I think it will), we all get to enjoy the start of something bigger. The Justice League of America? Flash? Wonder Woman? Nightwing? Who knows what could come next, but something WILL be next because the Man of Steel will single handily bring the DC Universe to the next level. So why didn’t the recent Nolan Batman movies do this with the successful run it’s had you ask? Simple answer, because Superman is Superman and not Batman that’s why.


….And now the Superman Checklist.

The following list is a quick guide as there are MANY Superman comics that will be left off this list (not by choice, but a simple miss). Please do not hesitate in writing below some of the books that you may deem important.

The InvestComics Superman Checklist Special will list only comics from the Action Comics/Superman/Adventure Comics series’ as well as some team-up books. Enjoy, remember to have fun and as always, invest wisely.

Jay Katz

Action_Comics_1Action Comics

Action Comics #1: The first appearance of Superman and Lois Lane.

Action Comics #6: First appearance of Jimmy Olsen.

Action Comics #7: The second Superman cover appearance.

Action Comics #23: First appearance of Lex Luthor and the Daily Planet.

Action Comics #42: The origin of Vigilante.

Action Comics #158: Origin retold the Kid from Krypton.

Action Comics #225: The death of Superman! No not that one.

Action Comics #242: The first appearance and origin of Brainiac.

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Action Comics #252: Original Supergirl first and origin.

Action Comics #255: First Bizarro Lois.

Action Comics #267: First appearance of Chameleon Boy and Invisible Kid.

Action Comics #440: Green Arrow artist extraordinaire Mike Grell, his first Green Arrow pencils.

Action Comics #583: Legend Alan Moore writes this issue.

Action Comics #598: First appearance of Checkmate.

Action Comics #645: The debut of Maxima.

Action Comics #683: This character cameo in here turned the world upside down for a while. Check out the cameo of the one and only Doomsday.

Action Comics #775: The first Manchester Black.

Action Comics #869: Controversy finds Superman in real life here. All over a can of beer! The original cover to this issue had Clark and Pa talking things over with a beer in their hands. DC decided to pull the cover and place some pop in their hands instead. If you were a lucky collector that got a hold of this issue before it was pulled, then drink up! Well maybe not, but way to go!



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Superman #1: A revised Superman origin.

Superman #10: Lex suddenly loses all of his hair! Not really, but this is the first bald headed Lex comic.

Superman #14: This is an Iconic American Superman cover.

Superman #30: Ah, the first appearance/origin of what could quite possibly be the hardest villain names to pronounce and spell; Mr. Mxyztplk.

Superman #53: 10th anniversary issue, origin retold.

Superman #59: The first time Superman uses his heat vision.

Superman #61: The rumor abound says that there will be no Kryptonite in the Man of Steel movie. This issue is the origin and first look at the green rock.

Superman #76: This very special issue contains the very first time that Superman and Batman learn that it’s actually Clark and Bruce. Identities learned! Cool.

Superman #102: First Silver Age issue.

Superman #127: First Titano.

Superman #140: First appearance of Bizarro Supergirl.

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Superman #147: The debut of Legion of Super-Villains.

Superman #158: First appearance of Nightwing and Flamebird.

Superman #199: The single coolest Superman comic ever! Two of the fastest superheroes alive RACE! The first Superman/Flash race! This is a classic issue folks.

Superman #222: The last Silver Age issue.


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Superman #223: One issue later, guess what this is?? The first Bronze Age issue.

Superman #246: First S.T.A.R Labs.

Superman #249: First Terra Man.

Superman #254: Legend Neal Adams Superman art. Iconic cover.

Superman #264: First Steve Lombard creative work.

Superman #292: Lex Luthor origin retold. A nice (affordable) way to get a hold of an early Lex origin.

Superman #300: Superman origin retold. An anniversary issue and same as mentioned previously about Lex.

Superman #656: Arion returns.

Superman #657: First Khyber appearance.

Superman vol.2 #73: Listed as another first Doomsday cameo.

Superman vol.2 #75: The Death of Superman. Boy oh boy was this comic a big deal back in 1992. The Death issue here isn’t worth as much as it was back in 92 (a’la Death of Captain America), but still a nice comic to have (in the plastic bag). A significant price difference occurs with the Death of Superman Platinum edition. The Platinum edition fetches about $40 more.

Superman vol.2 #204 (penciled cover): The previous issue #203 is Jim Lee’s first Superman pencils on his Superman run, but it’s this iconic cover that is very gets all the attention.

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Adventure Comics

Adventure Comics #167: The first Lana Lang as Supergirl.

Adventure Comics #210: First appearance of Krypto the Superdog! A graded 9.0 is in the $10,000 range. That’s a lot for a first appearance of a dog no?

Adventure Comics #283: The Man of Steel movie will bring the villain Zod back to the screen since Superman II with Christopher Reeve. This here is the first appearance of Zod. Kneel to Zod!

Adventure Comics #286: The debut of Bizarro.

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Some may argue (not many) one of the greatest Superman stories ever told was by Alan Moore. The comic is called “Superman: Whatever Happen to the Man of Tomorrow”.

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Superman Team-Ups

Superman vs. Ali – 1978 – Neal Adams/Joe Kubert

Superman and Aliens – 2007

Superman & Darkness – 2005

Superman and Fantastic Four – 1999

Superman Gen13 – 2000

Superman Ali

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Superman Silver Surfer

Superman/Silver Surfer – Click to Buy/Bid

Superman Hulk – 1999

Superman and Jeff Gordon – 2006

Superman/Predator – 2000

Superman and Savage Dragon – 1999

Superman/Silver Surfer – 1996 – George Perez/Ron Lim

Superman/Spider-Man – 1976

Superman/Terminator – 1999

Superman And Thundercats – 2004

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There’s a movie coming out this Friday, something about this dude from Krypton, his planet is about to become dust, sent to earth to live amongst man as an extraordinary being, raised by ma & pa because his parents are dead ……oh wait, that’s not the movie coming out this Friday. Yes the Man of Steel will come this Friday with a different twist on things. As we can see from the trailer and many spoilers around the net, Supes biological daddy is still very much alive throughout this movie. Maybe because it’s Russell Crowe? Remember how much of a bad ass he was in Gladiator? He’s a tough dude! (Soapbox time coming up! MY opinion, so calm down, this is America and we are allowed to have opinions) There are many other plot lines swirling around that I will not get into here, but here is the bottom line folks. Deal with it. Quit the fanboy stuff and just deal. So what there is a movie with an iconic character that no longer wears red underwear, but now wears an armor suit. So what that it looks “darker” than the character you knew for most of your adult life. So what he doesn’t sport the curl in his hair. So what, so what, so what. Just handle the fact that things will be different now and accept it. Change is good, it’s healthy. What were some people expecting exactly? The same mundane Superman movie that we have seen film after film? I for one welcome that change, always will. It’s good to think outside the box and not stay tucked away in that safe place. Breakout! Good for Zach Synder (Director) for taking a different approach to a stale character. So bring it Warner Bros. because this is your LAST shot at possibly ever producing that Justice League of America movie most of us are waiting for. This movie will define the rest of the superhero genre for DC/WB moving forward. If it does well, then the fun is just beginning!! If it does okay, subpar, tanks, then the likelihood of ever seeing Batman and Superman sharing the screen together may and probably will never happen. So kick some butt Superman, the DC Universe is counting on you!!

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This week in conjunction with the Man of Steel release, DC Comics will bring the new Superman title Superman Unchained (2013 DC) #1. This is a big deal folks. It will be a well scripted series (hopefully) as well as a well-drawn one. It brings together two big guns to the table; Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. No explanation or kudos needed here really, except that Scott has brought the Batman title to new heights and Lee brought Superman to another level a few years back with his artistry of the character, too much of the delight of fanboys everywhere. Many fans remember Lee’s Superman run beginning in issue #203 (pinups) or even the iconic second print of #204, but it was a year prior that Lee first penciled Superman in Action Comics #800. The New Superman era is beginning (again) this Wednesday, except it.

Another iconic character gets a makeover job from the aforementioned writer that promises to change your thinking on Superman. Scott Snyder will forever change the way we think of Batman (try to) in Batman (2011 2nd Series) #21 “Zero Year.” The NEW origin of Batman begins here. Most of us will always have the vision of Bruce’s parents lying in some alleyway dead with little Bruce between them. Just like we know that Krypton blew up and there were no survivors. Those idea’s (origins) will never change in our minds. They’re embedded in there. But for the sake of rolling with things here, excepting that change is a’comin, there isn’t much fans can do about any of this. DC wants to do this and they will. Stop your whining.

….And the last of the Scott Synder books this week is American Vampire The Long Road To Hell (2013) #1. We all love vampire’s, we all love Scott, but a $6.99 price tag for a one shot may keep some away.

DC throws out an origin issue of a He-Man character named Hordak; Masters of the Universe The Origin of Hordak (2013) #1. DC really is pushing this He-Man stuff huh? Anyway if you interested, Hordak’s first appearance is in He-Man and She-Ra; Secret of the Sword (1984). It was a freebie comic from Mattel toys.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2013 3rd Series) #3 pays respect to the Wolverine #1 (1982) cover by Frank Miller. No significance here, other than that the issue will lead up to “another” Marvel event (yawn). Steve McNiven rocks the Rocket Raccoon cover. Check out the side by side in the slideshow. Awesome stuff! Also from Marvel, Venom (2011 Marvel) #36 will introduce a new character. That’s always an alert!

A hoard of number one issues to definitely check out this week. Bubblegun (2013 Aspen) #1 looks like a lot of fun. Big Dog Ink continues their great books and Serusis (2013 Big Dog Ink) #1 is their latest offering. Thumbprint (2013 IDW)  #1 will be a sleeper, don’t miss this. Ehmm Theory (2013 Danger Zone) #1 looks very interesting. Dark Horse brings Breath of Bones A Tale of the Golem (2013 Dark Horse) #1 (awesomeness) and True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys (2013 Dark Horse) #1 this Wednesday. It’s said that monkey’s and or gorilla’s on a cover of a comic book sell well, so BOOM! Studios deliver’s guns and monkey’s this Wednesday; Six Gun Gorilla (2013 Boom) #1. Lovely! Independent publisher Danger Zone; Ghost Town (2013 Danger Zone) #1 should be checked out. The Crow’s latest installment from IDW and James O’barr; Crow Curare (2013 IDW) #1 comes out.

Finally, the InvestComics love affair with the X character from Dark Horse continues this week with the second issue; X (2013 Dark Horse) #2. Don’t sleep on this character. It’s going to the next breakout for Dark Horse.

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See you soon, invest wisely.

Jay Katz

InvestComics HOT COVERS    

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Superman Infographic – Man of Steel

Our friend’s at sent InvestComics this amazing Superman Infographic. With the release of the new Man of Steel movie coming next week, NOW is a better time than ever to learn some very cool tidbits about the man from Krypton that many probably don’t know! Share these cool facts with friends, collectors, family, and your local comic shops. Have fun and thanks!


DC/Diamond reveal content for FCBD: SUPERMAN Give-away.

Diamond and DC have revealed the previously top secret info for DC’s SUPERMAN FREE COMIC BOOK DAY edition. In time for THE MAN OF STEEL movie, and tieing in to the just re-released SUPERMAN: LAST SON OF KRYPTON trade, the FCBD Edition will reprint ACTION COMICS #844, the first chapter of Geoff Johns, Richard (Superman THe Movie) Donner, and Andy Kubert’s Story. It will also feature a preview of the new ongoing series, THE MAN OF STEEL, written by acclaimed Bat-scribe, Scott Snyder; and drawn by acclaimed everything artist, Jim Lee.
Publisher: DC
Superman: The Last Son of Krypton #1 is a great jumping-on point for fans who can’t wait to see Warner Bros. Pictures’ Man of Steel major motion picture! This issue features the first chapter of the Superman: Last Son of Krypton graphic novel, written by Richard Donner and Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert, featuring Superman’s epic battle with General Zod and the Phantom Zone villains. In addition, it includes a special sneak preview of the blockbuster new monthly series starring The Man of Steel by the all-star team of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee!
Item Code: JAN130005
In Shops: 4/17/2013

New Superman: Man of Steel Movie Poster

Making the rounds is a new Superman Man of Steel Poster. Supes with the cuffs on! He’s not looking so “Apple pie” here is he? Take a look at the poster below.

So what are your thoughts? Too dark? Too grim? About time? Finally a real Superman story? This is silly? Please share your thoughts.

The movie is set for a June 2013 release.