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Superman will be making his return to the big screen this Friday June 14th. This movie will be either the beginning or the end of the DC Universe on the big screen as we know it. It must do well in order for Warner Bros. to justify bringing aboard the rest of the DCU. If the movie fails to meet expectations, fans of DC will have a long wait before they ever see another character from their library take to the screen. If it exceeds expectations (which I think it will), we all get to enjoy the start of something bigger. The Justice League of America? Flash? Wonder Woman? Nightwing? Who knows what could come next, but something WILL be next because the Man of Steel will single handily bring the DC Universe to the next level. So why didn’t the recent Nolan Batman movies do this with the successful run it’s had you ask? Simple answer, because Superman is Superman and not Batman that’s why.


….And now the Superman Checklist.

The following list is a quick guide as there are MANY Superman comics that will be left off this list (not by choice, but a simple miss). Please do not hesitate in writing below some of the books that you may deem important.

The InvestComics Superman Checklist Special will list only comics from the Action Comics/Superman/Adventure Comics series’ as well as some team-up books. Enjoy, remember to have fun and as always, invest wisely.

Jay Katz

Action_Comics_1Action Comics

Action Comics #1: The first appearance of Superman and Lois Lane.

Action Comics #6: First appearance of Jimmy Olsen.

Action Comics #7: The second Superman cover appearance.

Action Comics #23: First appearance of Lex Luthor and the Daily Planet.

Action Comics #42: The origin of Vigilante.

Action Comics #158: Origin retold the Kid from Krypton.

Action Comics #225: The death of Superman! No not that one.

Action Comics #242: The first appearance and origin of Brainiac.

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Action Comics #252: Original Supergirl first and origin.

Action Comics #255: First Bizarro Lois.

Action Comics #267: First appearance of Chameleon Boy and Invisible Kid.

Action Comics #440: Green Arrow artist extraordinaire Mike Grell, his first Green Arrow pencils.

Action Comics #583: Legend Alan Moore writes this issue.

Action Comics #598: First appearance of Checkmate.

Action Comics #645: The debut of Maxima.

Action Comics #683: This character cameo in here turned the world upside down for a while. Check out the cameo of the one and only Doomsday.

Action Comics #775: The first Manchester Black.

Action Comics #869: Controversy finds Superman in real life here. All over a can of beer! The original cover to this issue had Clark and Pa talking things over with a beer in their hands. DC decided to pull the cover and place some pop in their hands instead. If you were a lucky collector that got a hold of this issue before it was pulled, then drink up! Well maybe not, but way to go!


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Superman #1: A revised Superman origin.

Superman #10: Lex suddenly loses all of his hair! Not really, but this is the first bald headed Lex comic.

Superman #14: This is an Iconic American Superman cover.

Superman #30: Ah, the first appearance/origin of what could quite possibly be the hardest villain names to pronounce and spell; Mr. Mxyztplk.

Superman #53: 10th anniversary issue, origin retold.

Superman #59: The first time Superman uses his heat vision.

Superman #61: The rumor abound says that there will be no Kryptonite in the Man of Steel movie. This issue is the origin and first look at the green rock.

Superman #76: This very special issue contains the very first time that Superman and Batman learn that it’s actually Clark and Bruce. Identities learned! Cool.

Superman #102: First Silver Age issue.

Superman #127: First Titano.

Superman #140: First appearance of Bizarro Supergirl.

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Superman #147: The debut of Legion of Super-Villains.

Superman #158: First appearance of Nightwing and Flamebird.

Superman #199: The single coolest Superman comic ever! Two of the fastest superheroes alive RACE! The first Superman/Flash race! This is a classic issue folks.

Superman #222: The last Silver Age issue.

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Superman #223: One issue later, guess what this is?? The first Bronze Age issue.

Superman #246: First S.T.A.R Labs.

Superman #249: First Terra Man.

Superman #254: Legend Neal Adams Superman art. Iconic cover.

Superman #264: First Steve Lombard creative work.

Superman #292: Lex Luthor origin retold. A nice (affordable) way to get a hold of an early Lex origin.

Superman #300: Superman origin retold. An anniversary issue and same as mentioned previously about Lex.

Superman #656: Arion returns.

Superman #657: First Khyber appearance.

Superman vol.2 #73: Listed as another first Doomsday cameo.

Superman vol.2 #75: The Death of Superman. Boy oh boy was this comic a big deal back in 1992. The Death issue here isn’t worth as much as it was back in 92 (a’la Death of Captain America), but still a nice comic to have (in the plastic bag). A significant price difference occurs with the Death of Superman Platinum edition. The Platinum edition fetches about $40 more.

Superman vol.2 #204 (penciled cover): The previous issue #203 is Jim Lee’s first Superman pencils on his Superman run, but it’s this iconic cover that is very gets all the attention.

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Adventure Comics

Adventure Comics #167: The first Lana Lang as Supergirl.

Adventure Comics #210: First appearance of Krypto the Superdog! A graded 9.0 is in the $10,000 range. That’s a lot for a first appearance of a dog no?

Adventure Comics #283: The Man of Steel movie will bring the villain Zod back to the screen since Superman II with Christopher Reeve. This here is the first appearance of Zod. Kneel to Zod!

Adventure Comics #286: The debut of Bizarro.

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Some may argue (not many) one of the greatest Superman stories ever told was by Alan Moore. The comic is called “Superman: Whatever Happen to the Man of Tomorrow”.

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Superman Team-Ups

Superman vs. Ali – 1978 – Neal Adams/Joe Kubert

Superman and Aliens – 2007

Superman & Darkness – 2005

Superman and Fantastic Four – 1999

Superman Gen13 – 2000

Superman Ali
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Superman Silver Surfer
Superman/Silver Surfer – Click to Buy/Bid

Superman Hulk – 1999

Superman and Jeff Gordon – 2006

Superman/Predator – 2000

Superman and Savage Dragon – 1999

Superman/Silver Surfer – 1996 – George Perez/Ron Lim

Superman/Spider-Man – 1976

Superman/Terminator – 1999

Superman And Thundercats – 2004

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